How to Manually Clear the Cache Files On Mac?

By Rimzhim Sharma January 21, 2017 How To, Mac

We’re sure there are a lot of people wondering what does Cache memory actually mean. Basically cache memory is a component of RAM (Random Access Memory) that stores information that is used more frequently by the CPU. The basic purpose of cache memory is to store program instructions that are frequently re-referenced by software during operation. A fast access to these instructions increases the overall speed of the software program.

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If we talk specifically in terms of Mac, then roughly there are three main types of caches you can clean on your Mac: user cache, system cache (including app cache and DNS cache), and browser cache.

Here are the quick steps to manually get rid of cache memory:

  1. Open the Finder > Select “Go”.
  1. Go to folder “~/Library/Caches/”.


After executing the above steps, you’ll be able to access all cache files of your Mac. You can manually search through the caches of which you eventually want to get rid of. For example, you can remove safari browsing cache files by deleting “Cache.db” file. You can locate this file under “”.

Make sure that once you have finished clearing out these caches for additional hard drive space, you empty out your Trash. To do this, Control-click on the Trash icon in the dock and select “Empty Trash.”

Restart your Mac afterwards to see the effective changes.

How to delete App cache from Mac?

You can delete app cache in the same way as system cache, by going to ~/Library/Caches and removing the insides of the folders with the app name.

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We hope now you have a better understanding what the Cache memory is all about. Any comments or feedbacks, please let us know. In case you face any trouble in deleting the cache memory then feel free to contact us on our toll free 855-765-6710 (US, Canada) number so that our tech experts can guide you through.




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