How to Make Different Folders in Microsoft Outlook?

By Deepak Saxena January 22, 2017 How To

We often get hundreds of emails on a daily basis, but most of them are of no use for us. Many of such unused emails are automatically get filtered by our email service providers and are moved to spam and some of them mange to reach our inbox. Even after all this it becomes hard to find a specific email, especially when you have thousands of read messages in your inbox.

In the case, it is best to configure our business email on outlook where we usually do not get any junk or spam. To manage emails, Microsoft Outlook has an amazing feature, which makes it easy for you to locate specific messages and emails. You can do this simply by creating different folders based on their sender or email subject. Let’s understand this in detail and learn to do this on your computer.

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1. Open Microsoft outlook on your computer and select


2. Right click on inbox and select new folder.


3. Give a name to the folder you want to create, select where you want to place it and click Ok


4. Next you will see a folder created under the folder you have selected in the previous step.


5. Next you have to click on file>Manage rules and alerts you will see a window like this.


6. Now click on New rule and a list of rules will be opened in front of you. You can choose any rule as per your convenience. In this example we have selected the first rule in which messages from someone will be moved in a folder.


7. Next you will see more specific list. Choose your preferences and click on people or public group.


8. A new window will open in front of you and you have to enter an email id from which you have to move emails to the specific folder and click ok.


9. You will be back to previous window. Now click on Specified highlighted in blue color. You will be asked to choose a folder and you can choose the folder you have created in your inbox. After selecting the folder click ok.


10. Click next and reach last window of Rules wizard finally you will see a window like this


11. You can select either you want to apply this rule for existing messages in inbox or for the new messages. Next click finish and Apply and Ok on rules and alerts window.

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Done! From the next time when you will receive an email from specified sender you will get in in the specified folder or if you have selected to move your existing emails you will find all the emails from the specified sender moved to the folder.

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