How to connect iPhone to a PC or MAC without using cable.

By Deepak Saxena January 6, 2017 How To, iOS

Are you trying to transfer photos and videos to your computer or MAC and the cable stops working for some unknown reason? Thankfully, you do not need to depend on a cable to transfer data and you can do the same wirelessly. In this article we will discuss two methods by which you will be able to connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac without using a cable.

Method1: With the help of iTunes: Yes, you can sync your data with iTunes without using a cable and the best part is, it will be automatically synced when you phone is on charging mode and laptop and iPhone are connected to same Wi-Fi network. To do these settings once you need to connect your phone with cable to change some settings and from the next time you will be able to sync data without cable. This method will only work if your computer or laptop has Wi-Fi connectivity. Here is how you can configure these settings.

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  1. First of all, open iTunes on your computer or MAC and connect your phone using cable you will see a screen like this on your computer.


You can see your phones memory status and other information.

  1. Click on Summary given on the top left of your iTunes window under iPhone section.
  2. Now scroll down to options and tick the check box in front of “Sync this phone over Wi-Fi” iphone-connect-over-wifi
  3. After configuring these setting click apply and then done

Now you are good to go you can now detach your phones cable and from the next time your phone can be synced over Wi-Fi. When your computer and iOS device will be on same Wi-Fi network it will start appearing on iTunes.

Second Method: Via third party apps: You can find so many third party apps by using them you can transfer your data on computer and do not require the cable not even for the first time. Here is an example of a third party app Xender similar features are available in other such apps such as share it.

  1. Download Xender app from the app store for free.
  2. Once application will be downloaded and you will open it for the first time it will ask you for the permission to access your photos media etc. Tap on allow for all.
  3. Now go to the website from your PC or Mac.


  1. Now open the app on your iPhone and tap on rocket symbol to connect.


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  1. You will see three options to connect
  • Connect to iOS.
  • Connect to computer
  • Connect to android.

            Select connect to computer and proceed further.


  1. You will see a screen like this where you have to tap Scan connect-to-pc-from-xender
  2. Your camera will be open now and you simply need to scan QR code on the computer’s web browser (Step 3)
  3. Now your iPhone and computer will be connected and you will see a screen like this on computer.


As you can see from this screen you can access photos and videos and transfer anything you want without using a cable.

So from the next time you need not to carry a cable with you to transfer data you can go wireless. If you are looking for a solution of any other tech related issue you can give us a call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710 or you can write us on




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