How to Add Signature in the Emails Sent from iPhone?

By Deepak Saxena January 26, 2017 iOS

With time technology has got advanced and now we can manage our work or business easily through smartphones. If you have to forward an email urgently to someone, then you can do it quickly with your phone. But when it comes to sending an official mail through your smartphone, you need to add a signature to maintain the email’s authenticity and authority. If you haven’t added a custom signature, iPhone would prompt you to add your details for them to be added in your message. But all this can be avoided by simply adding a custom signature that will be inserted automatically when you send emails.

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The default signature screen looks like this.


In this article you will get to know that how can you replace this default signature with your signature. This can be done in few simple steps.

1. From the home screen go to settings>Mail.


2. In email settings scroll to the bottom and you will You signature (The last option)


3. Here you will see the default signature that is “Sent from my iPhone” tap on it to change it to your signature.


4. Type your signature and back to mail settings. Now your signature will be saved and from the next time whenever you will go to compose an email you will find your signature in the footer of email.


So from now whenever you will send a professional email or reply on a thread it will contain your signature and it will look like that you have sent the email from the computer only.

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