Forgot Password of Your Email? Here’s How You Can Recover It in Your iPhone

By Deepak Saxena January 14, 2017 How To, iOS

We tend to save our passwords on personal devices, that only we are going to use. While this makes logging in easy and quick, we often forget our passwords due to automatic login.

But what if for some reason we have to use our accounts on other devices? It would certainly become a major hassle for you to change it to something that you can easily remember. In such situations your iPhone can help you by telling you your login id and password. It can be done quite easily and since your passwords are secure with touch id, no one else can see them.

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Here’s how you can find your saved passwords on your iPhone.

1. Go to settings from home screen. Then go to safari.


2. Then tap on password given in safari.


3. You will be asked for your touch id. Put your figure which you have set as your touch id on the home button.


4. After entering your touch id, you will see next window here you will see all your accounts for which you have saved passwords on safari.


Here you can also add account credentials by yourself. For this you can tap on Add password and you will be able to enter the credentials you want to save.


5. When you will tap on an existing account (as Visible in first screen shot of step 4) you will see your username and password on your screen.


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This is how you can get your username and password for your accounts with your iPhone. If you are looking for the solution of any other tech related Issues, we are just a call away through our toll free number (855) 765-6710. You can also write us on




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