How to Use Touch Bar on Any MAC Device?

By Deepak Saxena December 17, 2016 How To, Mac

Touch bar has been introduced by Mac on its newly launched devices. It is a touch strip located above the keyboard that has replaced the function keys. This touch bar can perform several operations according the window you are working on such as a text or emoticon predictor. It can also show you formatting options like bold, italic and underline if you are working on MS office.  If you are browsing images, it will help you navigate quickly through your photo library.

Even If you use an older mac or MacBook, you can still use these features on your device. All the features of touch strip excluding figure print sensor will be available on your device.

So here is how you can get touch bar on your Mac device.

  1. Simple download the app Touché from the given link.
  2. Now simply unzip application and drag it to the applications folder.

Note: This application requires macOS 10.12.1. if your mac is not updated you can update it before downloading this app.

  1. When you will launch Touchè and you’ll see an overlay window like this.


  1. You can use your mouse with this touch strip. You can click on arrow on the left, near brightness button you will see a layout like physical function keys on MacBook keyboards


  1. When you will edit your documents from now touch strip will show you basic formatting options and the bar will look like this.


  1. You will also see emoji suggestions for the text you are typing. For example, if you will type tomato it will show smiley of tomato.


  1. Another amazing feature of this touch bar is that it gives you buttons for adjusting brightness, volume and seek bar of your player at the same place.

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This is how you can enjoy awesome features of touch bar on your Mac or MacBook. If you face any issue in setting up touch app on your mac you can always ask for tech assistance from us on our toll free number. (855) 765-6710.




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