How to Use Snipping Tool on Windows?

By Deepak Saxena December 13, 2016 How To, Windows

There are many ways to take screenshots in Windows, such as using print screen key or through screen recording. But do you know that Windows comes with an inbuilt feature to take screenshots as per your convenience? This tool allows you to mark areas that you want to highlight and give you flexibility to set timer for taking screenshots. Named aptly as the snipping tool, it comes pre-installed with Windows. To access this tool, you can simply go to start menu and search for snipping. Here are some amazing features of snipping tool.

 1. Let us start from the “new” menu here you will find many options to take screen shot.


a. Free form snip. By using this option, you can take a free form screen shot. Simply select an area by using a pen like tool to take a screenshot.

b. Rectangular snip: you can use this option to select a rectangular area.

c. Window snip: If you will select this option only your currently opened window will be snipped.

d. Full screen snip: This is the last option in the new menu. If a screen shot is taken using this screen, it will also capture task bar and the whole screen.

2. Second menu is “Delay” When you click on the drop down, you will find that there are options from 0 to 5 that indicates the delay time.

This options helps in taking screen shot of something in start menu or a screen shot with the cursor on a specific option.


3. Cancel option is simply to cancel the process of taking screenshot when you take a screen shot and decide to make some changes to it.

4. Options are used to change settings of this tool.

What all we can do with the Snipping Tool?

You can do a lot of things directly through the snipping tool interface. For a detailed knowledge of its various functions, please check the below list.

  1. When you take a screenshot a new menu will appear in front of you with the following buttons.


Clicking on the ‘Save’ icon will save the screen shot anywhere on your computer in a jpeg or png format. You can also save it with any name you want.

Copy button will copy the screenshot to clipboard so that you can paste it in any document or location.

Email button is to email the screen shot directly through outlook. You will need a configured outlook account to use this feature.

  1. Next you will see a pen highlighter and eraser tool


-You can change the color and thickness of pen according to your preferences. This tool is used to mark specific areas in the screen shot.

-Highlighter is used to highlight something in the picture.

-Eraser is to clear all the marks and highlights done by you on taken screen shot.

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This is how taking screen shots and customizing them with snipping tool is very easy. You may not see some of the given options if your Windows is not updated. We hope after you find it simple to take screen shots using snipping tool. If you have any other tech related issue you can call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.




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