How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone?

By Deepak Saxena December 23, 2016 How To, iOS

Have you recently purchased an iPhone? It is a top notch smartphone with amazing camera quality and sound quality. But when you tap on music app you’re unable to find any music files. You will find all your favorite songs on the music store but the question is, do you need to pay for them? These might already be on your computer and or other devices. So if you want to put them on your iPhone do you need to pay? Fortunately, it is very simple to transfer music on your iPhone from your computer. You can do this by following some simple steps and here is how you can do this.

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 1. First of all, download latest version of iTunes from the official website of apple. Here is the link for download It will ask for your email id and country and then download will be started.

2. Once download is complete you can install it as you install normal programs.

3. After installation you will see the home screen of iTunes.


4. Now connect you iPhone to your computer using the cable. Unlock your phone and tap on trust when prompted.

5. Now your phone will be connected to the computer and you will see a home screen like this.


Here you will see your battery percentage memory status and device name this confirms that your device has been successfully connected to iTunes.

6. Next you need to click on summary and then scroll down to Options.

7. Now you need to click check box Manually manage music and videos then apply and done


8. Proceeding further you can go to Music listed under On my device. Currently no music will be there as you have not transferred any music till now.

9. On the other side on your computer put all the songs in a folder which you want to put on your iPhone.

10. Open both the windows simultaneously (folder having songs and iTunes music window)

11. Now you simply need to drag and drop songs to the music list.


You can drag drop multiple songs at a time. Once you are done with drag and drop you can detach your device. Next time when you will open Music app you will find your favorite songs there. The best part is with the in built music app equalizer works perfect and you will get the amazing sound quality.

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So now you have got your favorite music on your iPhone and that too without spending a single penny. We hope this article will help you to make your favorite music handy. If you face any issue in syncing your music with the help of iTunes, you can give us a call on our toll free number (855) 765-6710 and one of our technicians will help you with everything technical.



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