How to Restore Default App Icons on Your iPhone’s Home Screen?

By Deepak Saxena December 6, 2016 How To, iOS

iOS 10 is loaded with plenty of new features, but the most useful one is the ability to uninstall native apps. We certainly do not want to install useful apps such as camera, messages or app store. But what if you or a third party accidentally deletes one of these apps? Or the app stops working due to software corruption. There’s certainly nothing to worry about as there are several ways how you could restore them.

But before we do that, we also need to learn what apps you can actually uninstall from devices running iOS 10.

  1. Third-party apps. Third party apps are those which we download from the app store according to our requirements. These applications can be removed by us when they are no longer required.
  2. First party applications (Removable): These are the apps which comes pre-installed on your iPhone but you can remove them if they are of no use. However, they together take up a considerable space of approx. 150 MB on your device memory. Here is the list of preinstalled apps which can be removed from your device. 






Find My Friends



iCloud Drive

iTunes Store











Voice Memos

Watch app



  1. First party applications (Non Removable) These are the apps which a user can not normally remove from the iPhone they come preinstalled with your Phone. These apps include App Store, Health, Photos, Settings, Phone, Safari, Messages, Camera, Clock, Activity, Find iPhone, and Wallet.

There could be a situation that these native apps might disappear from your home screen. In such cases you can follow the below steps to restore them on your device.

 1. First of all, check your phones home screen very if you accidentally tucked missing apps into a folder.


2. If you do not find them in a folder then check restrictions on our phone. To do this follow the given steps.

a. Go to settings>General>restrictions on your phone and check if restrictions are on.


b. Enter passcode for restrictions and access restrictions screen.


c. On the restrictions screen, you can see what functions have been turned off on your phone. We see that Safari, Camera, FaceTime, the iTunes Store, and Podcasts have been disabled in the below screenshot.


d. If you’re missing the App Store, then it’s because “Installing Apps” has been disabled. If you can’t delete apps from your Home screens, then “Deleting Apps” has been disabled.

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We hope this article helped you understand the reason why certain native apps do not show on your lock screen and can now find your missing pre-installed apps. If you have any other tech related queries or if you need any kind of technical assistance you can call us on our toll free number (855) 765-6710.



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