How to Rename Multiple Files Quickly in Windows without Any Software?

By Deepak Saxena December 20, 2016 How To, Windows

We often realize the need of renaming our files to distinguish them from other files. Files can be easily renamed by right clicking them and choosing the rename option. However, this becomes a problem when you want to rename multiple files. Listed below are some easy ways how you can rename several files at once without using a dedicated third-party software or app.

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Method1: Selecting multiple files and renaming:

 1. Select all files you want to rename using ctrl+click.


2. Now right click on one of the files and give the name you want to keep common in all the files.


3. Rename the file and press enter you will see all the selected files are renamed and having the given name in prefix.


4. Suffix of the file will be the sequence in which you selected a file.

5. This is how we have renamed files with the same prefix Now if you want to attach them you can sort files with name and renamed files will be together.


Method2: Using Tab key to rename multiple files:

It is renaming multiple files using Tab key. In this method also you need not to individually right click on every file to rename it but you have to manually add numbers as suffixes to get images in sequence or you can quickly rename images with different different names of your choice.

 1. Collect all the files you want to rename in a separate folder.


2. Now right click on one file, select rename and give the desired name.


3. After giving the desired name to the file do not press enter here you have to press Tab


4. Name of the next file will be selected and from here you can rename it. After renaming this file press tab to rename the other one and so on.


Note: while renaming files from this method you need to keep the name a little different from each other because you cannot give exact same name to two files.

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So this was the easy way to rename multiple files at a time. If you have any other tech related quires we are always here to address them you can call our toll free number (855) 765-6710




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