How to Move Data from Android to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

By Surbhi Totuka December 5, 2016 Android, How To, iOS

All new iPhone, iPad or iTouch users are now able to easily move or transfer data from their old Android smartphone to iPhone. This can be done by simply installing “Move to iOS” App on your Android devices running Android 4.0 or later versions.

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The app has a simplified interface that allows users to transfer data from android to Apple in just a few steps. Make sure that your iOS devices are running version 9 or later, before you start migrating your data. It is also recommended to do the transfer over a stable Wi-Fi connection. This app allows you to securely transfer contacts, messages, history, photos, music, videos, web bookmarks, emails and calendar etc. Let’s look at the below steps on how to use this app.

  1. Move Data from Android

At the initial stage while you are setting up your iPhone, just connect your iPhone via Wi-Fi and then you will see App & Data screen in your Android Device. Tap ‘Move Data from Android’ option and then proceed further.


  1. Move to iOS App

On your Android Device, open Move to iOS App and then tap Continue. You will see Terms & Conditions, read it and tap on ‘I Agree’ to continue. Now, tap on ‘Next’ as given on the top-right corner to open ‘Find your code’ screen.


  1. Wait for Code

Now on your iPhone, tap Continue after selecting Move form Android option and then wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code to appear on the screen. This process will take few minutes so don’t disconnect Wi-Fi till it completes.


  1. Apply the Code

Now, enter the code as shown in your Android device and then wait for a while till the Transfer Data screen appears.


  1. Choose the Content

Select the data which you would like to transfer in your new iPhone and then hit “Next” to start the transfer process. Then, keep both the devices aside until the loading bar finishes as appears on your iPhone. Sometimes, the Android Device indicates that the process is complete before but the transfer take some time so wait for a while till the content moved in your iPhone completely. You can transfer Camera Roll, Contacts, Messages and Google Accounts.


  1. Setup your iOS Device

Once the data is moved completely then only you will be able to continue further. Now, follow the onscreen instructions so that you can use your iPhone.

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Make sure that the content is transferred completely if not then you can manually transfer the remaining data. As the process is easier and effortless for you but still if you are unable to do so then you can call our tech experts on our toll free number 855-765-6710 and they will resolve your issues.



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