How to Manage Ease of Access Settings in Windows 10

By Rimzhim Sharma December 19, 2016 How To, Windows

Windows 10 offers us some exciting features to make our system more accessible and easy to use. There are variety of features available in the “Ease of access” tab which can help you customize your PC just the way you want it.

You can find the Ease of Access option in the settings option OR you can also access it via Control panel. Just right click on the start menu, select Control panel then click on Ease of Access:


In this article we will highlight various accessibility options available in Windows 10-


Narrator is one incredible tool which reads aloud entire contents of any page, application or Window. This feature can be really useful for those who face eyesight limitations in their day to day life. It also includes several other options as well, like you can adjust the narration controls like the pitch and speed, tasks you want to be narrated, sounds you want to hear like words/characters you type etc. Once you enable the Narrator, you can choose a voice from David (male voice) or Zira (female voice) and set your preference.



Magnifier is yet another Ease of Access feature designed to assist anyone who either has trouble reading from their screen or any professional who wants to see minute details. Just turn ON the Magnifier and you will see a pop-up magnifier tab open which lets you magnify your screen as much as you can. You can also adjust the magnifier settings from the Settings button in the pop-up tab.


High Contrast

Here you can pick a new high-contrast theme for your PC if you want. You can select the options from the drop down menu or create your own high contrast theme by selecting colors manually. If by any chance you don’t like the newly set theme, you can go back to previous setting by pressing Left Alt+ Left Shift+ Print Screen.


Closed Captions

The closed captions section can be used to customize how any closed captions in your local media players will appear during the playback of movies or TV shows. This tool is helpful for those who have difficulty in making out the white text against moving backgrounds in Windows Media Player. If at any point you want to go back to the default settings, just scroll down and click on “Restore to Defaults”.


Keyboard Settings

Turn your On-Screen keyboard, Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys and Filter Keys here. Other settings include underlining the Shortcuts and display a warning or making a sound when turning a setting On or Off using a shortcut. There is no specific change in the keyboard settings and it works same as the previous versions of Windows.


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Mouse Settings

This feature helps you customize your mouse pointer’s size and color. You can also turn on the Mouse Keys button to use the numeric keys to move the mouse around your screen.


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Other Options

The other options tab majorly includes Visual options settings like turning ON animations, show Windows background or not etc. You can also make the Notifications last longer by adjusting the “Show notifications for” setting and change the notification time from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.


So friends, try out some accessibility options to ease down your day to tasks. However, the only drawback which we felt is that there is no direct shortcut available to the Ease of Access center due to which a lot of users are not able to locate these options.

If you face any trouble in activating any of the above mentioned points, then feel free to call us on our toll free number 866-765-6710 (US, Canada) so that our tech experts can assist you further.



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