How to Manage “Documents and Data” on iPhone?

By Rimzhim Sharma December 10, 2016 iCloud, iOS, Tech Tips

“How to clear Documents and Data to free up storage space?” This is one persistent question which turns out to bother a lot of iPhone users. A chunk of storage space of our phone is occupied by documents and data section. The documents and data comes from a variety of application resources including stocks, logs info, third party apps, cache data and iCloud data.

To ensure a smooth running iPhone, one must regularly get rid of the junk to ensure they always have space. Before proceeding further to the solution, first let’s have a basic understanding to what actually documents and data comprise of.

What is Documents and Data?

IOS applications work in a sandbox environment i.e. each individual application occupies a separate storage space for itself, so that it does not need to retrieve data from any other segment. Every application of your iPhone contains an individual Documents and data folder. For example, Facebook will have its own folder comprising of 2 elements- One is app size which display original size of the application when we downloaded it from app store. Next, includes Documents and Data section containing all cache files pertaining to the application. (Refer below Snapshot)


How to check Documents and Data on iPhone?

So, to check how much storage space is being occupied by applications follow these quick simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings>General>Storage & Usage.
  2. Now click on Manage Storage.


  1. Here you will see a detailed list of all downloaded applications on your iPhone based on their memory (RAM) usage.


  1. To check the documents and data space click on any individual app name, it will then display storage space taken by the app, including app size along with documents and data.


You will often notice that the size of documents and data often exceeds the size of application itself which occupies a lot of unnecessary storage space on our iPhone.

The next section covers the method by which you can get rid of this bulky storage space.

How to get rid of “Documents and Data” storage space?

Unfortunately, iPhone does not provide us with a straightforward method to delete documents and data. But surprisingly, Android users are lucky in this case as they can simply clear the cache files in just once click or even download a bunch of third party apps to get rid of junk files easily (that too free of cost).

Well don’t’ be much disappointed as there is one awesome hack by which you can get rid of the documents and data storage space without spending away any resources. For this, you simply need to delete and re-install the app and it will free up storage space from your iPhone.

Here are the quick steps for deleting the app:

  • Navigate to settings>General>Usage and click on manage storage.
  • Now click on the app whose documents and data you need to delete.
  • Here you will see a “Delete app” option.


  • Tap on this and you will receive one confirmation message.


  • Accept it to delete the particular application.
  • Once the application is deleted you can re-install it again from the app store.

Well, I am sure it is going to take just a few moments to re-install the app, but isn’t’ it worth it? Once the app is downloaded it will help you to save a lot of storage space of your iPhone (without spending a single penny).

Quick Tip: Be a little careful before deleting several applications as some social messenger apps like WhatsApp and skype might result in losing your entire chat conversations. So, before taking up the deletion process please ensure that you create proper backups for all applications.

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