How to Make Items Hidden from The Control Panel in Windows?

By Deepak Saxena December 17, 2016 How To, Windows

Windows control panel offers many features and settings that allow us to customize our system. These settings and features sure seem helpful, but can lead us to accidentally turn some important services on or off. To avoid such instances, we can limit availability of apps on the control panel screen.  This can be done using registry editor to hide apps from the control panel screen.

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Since you need to edit registry files while doing this we recommend you to do this with the assistance of a technician. You can call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710 and a technician will be available for you 24×7.

Here are the steps for hiding applications from control panel

  1. First of all, open registry editor using Windows+R Key and typing regedit in the run dialog box.


2. Navigate to the following key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\


3. Check if you have explorer folder available under polices. If you do not have it, you can create it by right-clicking the Policies key and choosing New > Key. Name the new key “Explorer.”


4. From here there are two ways to hide applications from control panel.

a. You can create a special list that would contain items you want hidden on the control panel.

b. You can create a restriction list by doing this you can specify which applications should be visible on the control panel.

5. Now, you have to create a new value inside the Explorer key. Right-click the Explorer key and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. If you have chosen hiding specific items by creating a disallow list, name the new key DisallowCPL. If you’re hiding all items except the ones you specific by creating a restrict list, name the new value as RestrictCPL.


  1. Open properties on newly created value by double clicking on it. Change the value from 0 to 1 in the “Value data” box and then click “OK.” This turns the setting on.


  1. Now you’ve created the setting and enabled it, your next step will be to create a list of items. Right-click the Explorer key again and this time choose New > Key. If you’re disallowing items, name the new key DisallowCPL and if you’re restricting items, name the new key RestrictCPL.


  1. Inside whichever key you created, you’re going to build your list of items by creating a new string value for each one. Here we are going to disallow control center by adding a string in to it.


  1. Double click on new string to go to its properties now mention the same name in value date and click ok.


Note: To get the full name of item or application you want to disallow, Select “Large icon” or “small icon” instead of category view.

  1. Now you can go to control panel and can check there will be no Sync center.


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This is how we can hide applications from control panel. If you stuck somewhere in following these steps please ask for a technical assistance on our toll free number (855) 765-6710. Editing registry is always a critical part so kindly contact us if you face any kind of technical issue.




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