How to Install Beta Profile on Your iPhone to Enjoy Beta Versions of Upcoming iOS Updates?

By Deepak Saxena December 20, 2016 How To, iOS

Release of iOS10 was a huge update from apple and is equipped with plenty of amazing features. The company keep adding many amazing features to its products with these new releases. Do you know almost every firmware update is released in beta version before it is open for everyone to download?  Beta version is basically the test version of the software update which you can download before the update is available for public. You can also provide feedback on the test version and report any bugs. Normally you cannot get beta version software updates on your iPhone. In order to still do that, you need to download and install a beta profile.

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In this article we will discuss that how can you download and install beta profile on your iPhone to get upcoming iOS updates in beta version.

  1. First let us check if there is any profile already installed on iPhone. Go to Settings>General>Scroll down You will not see an option of profile under VPN that means profile is not installed on your device.


  1. Let’s begin beta profile installation process. Go to the website from your apple device.


  1. Click on sign up here you simply need to enter your apple id and password. Now click on sign in.


  1. Next you will see a page like this.


When you will click on enroll your iOS device it will recommend you to take backup of your device before getting enrolled for beta version of software updates.

  1. In the next step it will ask you to download profile from a website you will go to this link you will get a screen from which you can download profile


  1. Next you will get an installation screen on your iPhone.


  1. After this it will prompt a warning message and when you will click on install the profile will be installed.


  1. As you can see now there is profile option Settings>General. This option was not available previously.

When you go to profile it will show installed profiles on your system. You can also remove them if you do not wish to use beta versions of software updates. Simply click on delete profile it will ask for a confirmation and then profile will be deleted after this restart your device and profile option will not be there anymore in settings. Now you will not be able to get beta version of software updates as earlier.


Finally, after having iOS beta profile installed on your iPhone you will see available beta versions of software updates when you will go to Settings>General>Software update.


Once you get beta profile installed, you will see feedback icon on your home screen. From here you can provide the feedback regarding beta version of software updates.


We hope this article helps you enjoy the amazing features of upcoming software updates, before they are available for everyone. Please remember to keep a backup of your data if you are using beta version, as certain bugs can make you lose your entire data.

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