How to Enable Thumbnail Preview in Windows 8?

By Surbhi Totuka December 7, 2016 How To, Windows

Sometimes, your thumbnail previews fail to show in Windows Explorer after installing Windows 8 on your PC. Many users might’ve already noticed that the thumbnail is sometimes replaced with a default icon, instead of showing a preview. If you are facing the same problem with Windows 8 here are some simple ways how you can resolve this issue.

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Method 1

 1. Open Windows Explorer and click on “Options” as given at the top-right corner of the page.


2. Click on it and select “Change folder and search options” tab.


3. Once the new pop-up window appears, click on “View” tab and uncheck the box of “Always shows icons, never thumbnails” option.


4. Now, go back to Windows Explorer and check whether you are able to view the thumbnail preview or not.


Method 2

There’s another method by which you can enable or disable the thumbnail preview. To make the following changes, simply launch control panel on your Windows PC and follow these steps to view thumbnail previews –

 1. The My PC Icon is available on the desktop, right-click on it and from the drop-down menu, choose “Properties”. Now, click on “Advanced System Settings” option as given on the left side of the page.


2. System Properties dialog box will appear onscreen. Click on “Advanced” and select “Settings” to make further changes.


3. The entire list of options will appear. Check weather “Show thumbnails instead of icons” box is tick marked or not.


4. If it is unchecked, then check it and see the changes.

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We hope these two methods are sufficient and now will be able to view the Thumbnail previews for pictures, videos, documents and other related files in Windows Explorer. If not, then you can call us simply dial our toll free number 855-765-6710 or even you can write your queries or views at