How to Enable & Save Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Images?

By Surbhi Totuka December 21, 2016 How To, Windows

Windows 10 has so many amazing features and one of its feature is Spotlight Lock Screen Images. It shows background pictures on your lock screen and change it as well whenever you log in again. This feature works well, especially if you have a high-resolution monitor. If you want to see same kind of images, then you can like that image and it will start showcasing similar kind of images on your Lock Screen.

Steps to Enable Spotlight Images on the Lock screen

If Spotlight Images feature is turn off, then you can easily turn it on again. Users just have to perform these simple and quick steps, make some changes and enjoy Spotlight Images on your lock screen as well.

 1. Click Start and launch Settings or press Windows + I simultaneously.


2. Select Personalization as given under Settings.


3. On the left side of the Personalization window, Lock Screen Tab is given, click on it to open. Choose “Windows Spotlight” from the background drop-down menu.


Once you turn on the Spotlight, it takes some time to apply the changes. Later, you notice that the lock screen automatically displays awesome background images as per your background shape and size. If you like any of the image, then just click “Like what you see?” and then select “I want more!” to see similar kind of images next time.

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Steps to Save Spotlight Images

Now, after enabling this feature lets learn how to save Spotlight images in Windows 10? First of all, make sure that the hidden items folder is visible. If not, then go to File Explorer > View Tab > Click Show/Hide > Check the Hidden items column.


Now, follow the steps as illustrated below –

 1. Copy the path as given below and paste it into the File Explorer address bar-


2. This navigates you to the assets folder where you can see the whole list of files with long names.


3. Now, copy all files and paste them in new folder named Spotlight Images. You receive a warning message that “These files might be harmful to your computer. Do you want to use it anyway?” Simply, grant permission by click on OK button.


4. Next, you have to rename the files and also have to change its format either .PNG or .JPG. As you don’t know the name of any file so just rename the files in numerical order like 1.png, 2.png and so on.


5. After renaming all the files, you are able to see the thumbnail previews of all the images.


This is the easiest procedure for all users by which they can easily save or download the Spotlight Lock Screen images.

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Hopefully, now you are able to save Windows 10 Spotlight images. For further assistance, you can call on our toll free number 855-765-6710 or write us at