How to Enable Flash Notifications for Calls, Messages and Other Alerts on Your Phone

By Deepak Saxena December 10, 2016 How To

We often turn our phone’s ringer off, especially in places such as office, meetings, hospitals and schools etc. This will put the phone on vibration mode so we can sense any notification or incoming calls. But a lot of times, this vibration might not be enough for you to notice if someone’s calling. Since the phone might not be in our pockets all the time, it is destined to get ignored sometime. Flash notifications is a great way to be aware of incoming calls and messages, even when it’s on vibration mode.

In this article we will show you how to turn on flash notifications on iPhone and android devices. Flash notifications will use your camera flash, so first requirement is the device mush have a camera with flash.

iPhone’s have an inbuilt feature to turn on flash notifications. Here is how you can enjoy this inbuilt feature.

  1. Go to settings from you home screen.


  1. No go to General> accessibility
  2. In accessibility you will find “LED Flash for Alerts” turn it on


From the next time you will get a flash notification for calls and all other alerts if your screen in turned off.

If you have an android device, then too you can enjoy this feature. Some android phones are having these features in built you can find flash notifications in accessibility options. All you need to do is, to go to settings>Accessibility>Hearing options>flash notifications.


(Image taken from google)

If your android phone does not have this feature you can download a free, third-party app. There are plenty of free applications to enable flash notifications on Google Playstore.  Some of these applications allow you to customize alerts for which you will get flash notification. You can also enable flash notification for call and can disable it for text messages. The most amazing part is some applications also allows you to set intensity of flash lights for notifications.


This is how you can configure flash notifications on your smartphone and now you will never miss your important call.

Hope this article helped you in enabling a hidden feature on your smartphone. If you have any other tech related issues you can call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.



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