How to Click Amazing Panoramic Images from Your iPhone?

By Rimzhim Sharma December 25, 2016 How To, iOS

It happens quiet a lot, when you are out on a vacation enjoying a scenic view and you feel the urge to capture it with your iPhone. Well, there are actually some breath taking views that simply don’t fit in one picture frame no matter how hard we try. And we finally end up capturing the whole surrounding into 3 separate picture. It then brings us down to the overhead of manually stitching those images via computer (One big hell of a task!). This simple idea has inspired the Panoramic photography which fulfills the idea of capturing a wide angle shot in a single picture.

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But are our iPhones capable of taking Panorama images? The answer is yes and the next section covers a step by step illustration about how to click amazing Panoramic images from your built in iPhone’s camera app:

  1. Once you find the scenery you want to capture in a Panoramic picture, position yourself in a stable location.
  2. Open the Camera app of your iPhone.


  1. Drag the screen to the left and out of various options available select “Panorama”.


  1. Now you need to determine the direction of the movement i.e. whether you want to pan in a left to right direction or right to left direction. By default, it is set in a left to right direction, in case you want to switch, simply tap on the movement bar and that will toggle option in opposite direction.


  1. Start moving your phone steadily towards the selected direction. Don’t move your phone up and down and try to avoid any shaky movements for optimum results.


  1. Keep moving the phone until the first frame comes back in the picture.
  2. Once you’re done you can easily preview your Panoramic image in the camera roll. We can also add all kinds of additional editing effects on the image just like we do for our normal images.

Tips to Click a Great Panorama:

Not all of us are professional photographers but by following these simple tips we can go way beyond the amateur tag.

  1. While capturing a Panorama image move your phone as slow as possible to enjoy the best results.
  2. Strictly avoid the vertical movements (up and down) of your iPhone while taking the shot as it might adversely affect the picture quality. These movements will damage the top and bottom edges of your photograph so try to be as stable as you can.
  3. Pick a suitable time for clicking a panoramic image where you find ample of light in the scene. Often the images get disturbed due to bad lighting issues.
  4. Avoid making panoramas of moving objects and prefer still landscapes instead.
  5. To make your panorama a one-in-a-million-shot, flip the phone sideways (horizontal) to capture the full panoramic view.

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Isn’t it simple? Grab your phone and start wooing your friends by clicking incredible panoramic pictures. In case you want any further assistance, feel free to call us on our toll free number 855-765-6710 (US, Canada).




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