How to Clear Browsing History from Android Devices?

By Surbhi Totuka December 5, 2016 Android, How To

As there are so many browsers available for Android Devices, which keep track of all websites you visit. This makes your work easier as when you re-visit that website, it quickly loads previously saved pages on your screen.

However, this could create problems in the longer run and could expose your internet activities to lurking criminals and hackers. So, it is better to clear the browsing history from your Android Phones.

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to clear browsing history from all popular Android browsers.

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Google Chrome for Android Phones

Google Chrome is the most common and one of the popular browsers among all users. It’s simple and easy to use interface powered by the world’s favorite search engine makes it an extremely efficient browser for android phones. To delete browsing history on chrome, follow the below steps.

 1. Launch Chrome on your Android Phones and tap on the three dots as located on the top-right corner of the page.


2. From the drop-down menu, select “History”.


3. At the bottom of page, clear browsing data tab is given just click on it.


4. A pop-up menu appears on your screen having so many options, check the boxes which you want to clear and then hit the Clear button.


5. If you want to make changes then cancel it to go back on the previous page.

Note: Remember to sign out of your Google Account as this option will also clear synced data from all your devices.

Mozilla Firefox for Android Phones

If you are using Mozilla Firefox for browsing various websites and want to remove browsing history then do follow the given steps:

 1. First of all, launch Mozilla Firefox by simply tapping on its icon.

2. Now, click on three dots as given on the top right of the screen.


3. Click on Settings option from the given list.


4. To clear the browsing data, click on Clear Private Data Tab.


5. A pop-up menu appears, check the boxes and tap on clear data option.


Opera for Android Phones

Opera is another popular browser which makes browsing and downloading experience easy and enjoyable as well. To delete browsing history, the steps are given here –

 1. Open Opera and tap on O shaped button as available in the bottom-right corner and click on settings.


2. Scroll Down and tap on Clearing browsing data option.


3. A new menu opens up on the screen, check the boxes of the following and then hit “Ok”.


4. This will delete the browsing history as well as cache as stored in Opera.

Search History on Androids

 1. Launch Google widget to clear the search history.

2. Tap on the hamburger menu as given on the top-left corner.

3. Select settings from the slider menu.


4. New screen will open up, choose Accounts & Privacy option.


5. Go to Google Account History as given in the list.


6. Now, select Web & App Activity from the following screen.


7. In the another screen, Manage Activity option is given at the bottom of the page just click on it.


8. Tap on the settings icon and it will open history tab on the screen.


9. Select Remove Items.


10. Now select the time period to delete the search history from the given options and then hit on “Remove” button.


Probably, all the steps are quite easy to perform. But in case you still face any kind of difficulties then call on our toll free number 855-765-6710 and our tech experts will resolve your queries.