8 Things You Need to Know About Windows 10 Office

By Rimzhim Sharma December 16, 2016 Tech Tips

Microsoft Office is one platform every windows user must have used at least. No matter whether you are an individual or corporate MS Office is one of the most essential tools for computers.

Be it documents, slideshows, data reports or presentations, MS Office tools provide a complete digital workspace solution to users. The latest Windows 10 upgrade is integrated with one of the best versions of Microsoft Office. One fascinating thing about this version is, that it has been purely developed and designed based on user feedback. It therefore comprises each and every noteworthy detail mentioned by users.

This article will highlight some of the important features of Windows 10 office which might tantalize you to use them right away:

Inbuilt Office

Surprisingly, Windows 10 has its own version of Office, bundled with the OS. This is a major change as opposed to standalone suites like Office 2010 and 2013.  Another astonishing news about this version is that it is strictly compatible with the OS. Hence it gives great advantage to the users as all their bugs and issues will be fixed within same OS environment, without the help of any external third party tool.

Exciting New Features

The new Office 2016 embeds some amazing features like Teamwork Organization tool, communicate via skype for business conversations, all new design interface for creating documents and presentations and many more. There are a bunch of exciting features which have not been previously incorporated by any older Office versions.

No more Downloading Cost

As the new Office comes integrated along with the Windows 10 upgrade, user does not have to pay an extra downloading cost anymore. However, there are some advanced premium features that can be purchased through Office 365 subscription if you find them useful.

One Drive Integration

Office has offered us a separate storage location to save all our important data and documents now called as “One Drive”. However, users should make sure that they explicitly change storage location as documents will not be saved on One drive by default.

Two Separate Versions

Office presents us with two separate versions this time. Universal Version as well as Desktop version. The Universal version offers us a wide variety of cross platform applications that can be used with entire range of Windows products whereas desktop version is the traditional office which we have been using since ‘forever’ and is integrated in the OS.

Recent Documents

The new recent-documents feature in Office 2016 shows you the documents you’ve recently worked on in the Office apps, so you don’t have to hunt for them on your PC.

Smart Lookup

The new Smart Lookup feature lets you find facts and such through the Bing search engine. It can see the context of selected text by examining surrounding content and provide relevant results.

Office 365 Groups

The new Office Groups is beneficial for those who love to work in teams. You can create your own groups in Outlook 2016, then use those groups across other applications for collaboration. It’s like having a project folder accessible to all team members across their Office apps, accessible within the email client you most likely use all day anyway.

Well, this a just a glimpse of Office 2016 as there are is a wide variety of features available. Install the Windows 10 version right away and in case you face any trouble then our tech assistants are anytime available to guide you through.

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