7 Useful Tips to Safeguard your iPhone from Notorious Kids

By Rimzhim Sharma December 7, 2016 iOS, Tech Tips

There’s certainly no harm in giving kids smartphones, as long as they don’t misuse it and breach your privacy. But as all our important data, pictures and stuff is stored on our phones it is natural to be a little afraid, before handing over your phone to kids.

But worry not as there are some ways how you could still maintain the integrity of your iPhone, even if it’s in the hands of some mischievous kid.

 1. Enable Password Lock– This is the most basic precaution that you can take to protect your phone’s data. By default, a passcode is not set in an iPhone but you can easily set one for your convenience and safety. Navigate to Settings>General>Touch ID & Passcode Lock and press Turn the passcode ON.


Quick Tip-Choose a passcode that is difficult to guess as cracking your DOB is just child’s play for witty kids.

2. Disable Voice Dial– This particular feature can be accessed even if your phone is unlocked. So the first and foremost thing to do is to disable voice dial feature so that your kids don’t make any prank calls or worse, call your boss accidentally. To disable this feature, navigate to Settings>General>Passcode and turn off voice dial option.



 3. Enable Restrictions– If you are a concerned parent then you can use Restrictions option to lock some functionalities in your iPhone. You can activate this feature by navigating to Settings>General>Restrictions.


4. Delete Keyboard cache– Did you know all the keystrokes that you hit remain in the cache memory for about 12 months? This may also include some confidential information too like your account numbers, ATM pin numbers etc. Hence to delete all the keyboard cache simply navigate to Settings>General>Reset and press Reset Keyboard Dictionary.


5. Disable Geo Tagging and GPS– Your iPhone camera is equipped with a geo tagging feature which automatically adds the location name along with the pictures. If you post these pictures on social media, then anyone can easily track down your location and may try to harm your personal leisure time. To disable the location services, navigate to Settings>Privacy>Location Services and toggle the camera as OFF.


6. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use– Before someone tries to share unsolicited content with you take a preventive measure and disable the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from settings. To disable the Bluetooth, go to Settings>General>Bluetooth and toggle it OFF. Repeat the same for Wi-Fi too.


7. Block Popups and Disable Autofill– These features will help protect your kids from inadvertently exposing your personal data to public. You can block the pop up by navigating to Settings>Safari and enable the “block Pop up” option. To disable autofill, go to Settings>Safari>Autofill and toggle it OFF.


Hope these simple precautions will help you take a sigh of relief and handle the menace. However, some of the tips and advises are not only restricted to iPhone users, in fact any device user can adapt to these measures. There is no harm in following a proactive approach as long as we don’t sabotage our security in long run.

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