4 Easy Solutions to Delete Photos from Your iPhone

By Rimzhim Sharma December 9, 2016 iOS, Tech Tips

We’re sure every iPhone user likes clicking unlimited pictures-and why not? Anyone can be tempted to do so because of the unique camera quality it offers. Apple’s unbeatable camera resolution allows click pictures with superb quality that none of its competitors offer. Since our iPhone’s are now well equipped of creating HDR quality pictures, use of digital camera has become quite obsolete.

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As convenient as clicking thousands of high definition pictures seems, it often gets difficult to manage your device’s storage space. The pictures clicked by an iPhone are comparatively larger in size than by any other camera-enabled smart phone due to high detail. It therefore becomes quite problematic task when it comes to keep your iPhone’s storage space from overflowing.

There are several ways how you could recover some space, by deleting unnecessary photos from your phone. Listed below are the various steps you could try to organize photos in your iPhone.

1. Deleting Photos one at a time

This is one of the most common methods which almost 90% users prefer. It involves the following steps-

• Launch the Photos app and go to Camera Roll.
• Tap on the photo which you want to delete.
• Now tap on the ‘Trash’ icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.


• A confirmation message will pop up, accept it if you want to delete the picture.


2. Deleting Multiple Photos

Instead of deleting single photo at a time and tapping on the screen again & again, you can also choose this alternative. Just follow the below mentioned steps-

• Launch the Photos App and go to Camera Roll.
• Tap select button located at the top right corner.
• Mark all pictures you want to delete.


• Once you’re done, tap on trash icon to delete all selected pictures.
• Confirm the message, press delete and all selected pictures will be deleted thereafter.

3. Deleting Photos from Moments

Here’s another option to get rid of multiple photos. Simply follow the below steps.

• Launch photos app and select “Camera Roll”.
• Locate the photo tab at the bottom-left corner of your screen and tap it.
• You will now see and arrangement of your camera roll pictures in a chronological order.
• Tap on select and mark all pictures you want to delete.


• Accept when asked to confirm and it will delete all selected pictures.
NOTE: Deleting a picture from ‘moments folder’ will also erase it from the camera roll, so select and delete carefully.

4. Deleting Photos from Mac

You can also use your Mac device to get rid of bulk photographs in a short span of time.

• Connect your iPhone to Mac device via USB cable.
• Launch Image Capture.
• Locate and select the image capture device from your iPhone.
• Choose a destination location for your imported photos.
• Choose ‘Other’ from the various selections given & import all your pictures to a folder.


• Press ‘Ctrl+A’ to select all photographs.
• Then, simply click delete.

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Try any of the above methods to get rid of unwanted pictures from your iPhone. In case you get stuck at any point then give us a call on our toll free number 855-765-6710 (US, Canada).

So stop being camera shy and start clicking happy selfies :))



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