3 Easy ways to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail

By Rimzhim Sharma December 19, 2016 iOS, Tech News

Agree or Not-but losing your entire contact list in a go, strikes you with a despair wave of emotion. If you want to save yourself from this “cumbersome” situation, then you should create regular backups of your address book. Another solution to this problem is importing your contact list to your email address so that you will always have a copy of your contacts.

In this article, we shall discuss and learn how to export your iPhone contact list to Gmail account. There are various ways to perform this which are discussed in detail as below:

Method 1: Syncing contacts to Gmail directly

This is the easiest method to import your contacts to Gmail account as it does not entertain any third party interference.

  1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars to begin the process.


  1. On the next screen, tap “Add Account” to make sure that the email accounts supported by the device pop up.


  1. Select Google account from the several options available.


  1. Just make sure that the contacts are turned on, and when this process has been completed and the Google account has been added head back to the contacts, the screen will show that the syncing has begun automatically.

Method 2: Transferring Contacts via iTunes

iTunes is a one stop application for performing all the necessary actions pertaining to iPhone. Be it syncing music, managing photos or importing contacts, the software completely supports all activities. Here are the quick steps to transfer your contacts to Gmail via iTunes:

  1. Connect iPhone to your system via USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. Under the info tab, select option “Sync contacts with Google accounts”.


  1. Enter your Gmail credentials to proceed further.
  1. To check and clarify login your Gmail account and click on Gmail>Contacts.


  1. If the process was carried our successfully you will see a list of all your contacts on the window.

Method 3: Transferring Contacts via iCloud

iCloud is considered to be one of the best programs that makes it possible for the users to transfer not only contacts but also the other media files that have been stored on the iPhone. The process of transferring your iPhone contacts to Gmail via iCloud is listed below:

  1. Open any browser of your choice and visit URL icloud.com
  2. Fill in the desired details and click on Contacts icon.


  1. Here you’ll see a list of all the contacts which have been previously synced via iCloud.
  2. Press Control + A to select your contacts and press the settings icon from the top left corner of the screen and select “Export vCard”.


  1. Log in to your Gmail account now and click on “Contacts”.
  2. Click Import Contacts, a window will pop up, click Choose File to add the saved v-Card file and then click Import button to load the contacts.


  1. The selected contacts will be imported to Gmail successfully as shown below.

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Try any of the above methods to import all your contacts to Gmail. In case you face any trouble in executing this process then feel free to call us on our toll free number 855-767-6710 (US, Canada) so that our tech experts can guide you through!



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