Why Our PCs Do Not Have A or B Drives?

By Deepak Saxena November 18, 2016 Tech Tips

Have you ever wondered that why drives on your computer starts from C not from A and B? It is really an interesting question. Let us dive deep to get the answer to this question. For this let’

Early age computers were having A and B drive: Earlier computers didn’t have an in-built hard drive, but rather depended on floppy disks to store and transfer data. Therefore, it was common to boot computer from special boot floppy that contained some basic programs and all which is required to boot the computer. This boot drive was referred as drive A, while the other drive where you can insert a floppy to save any data was labeled drive B. But soon manufacturers also started designing computers with an in-built hard drive. Since the floppy drives were still retained, the hard drive was named as drive C.

You can still boot your computer as an early age computer: A lot has been changed in computers these days and they no longer require a special floppy to boot. Inbuilt software technology such as BIOS boots your computer via files saved in its internal memory. However, you can still boot your new computer the old fashioned way and use DOS 6.1, with the respective A and B drives.

Other Interesting Reasons

Another major reason for naming your default drive with the letter C is also related to some early age compatibility issues. The windows operating system, despite its numerous changes still treats drives named A and B as removable.

Some old computer viruses were also designed to specifically attack drives labeled A and B. Therefore, developers found it more convenient to completely drop A and B from the list and labled the default internal drive as C.

So we hope that this mystery that has baffled your mind for years is now clear.If you have any other tech related quires or if you are facing any tech related issue you can call us on our toll free number (855) 765-6710 and we will be happy to help you.



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