Trick to Power Off Any Android Phone Through SMS

By Rimzhim Sharma November 23, 2016 Android

As we know, androids are the most user-friendly smartphones that anyone can operate without any trouble. Moreover, you can conveniently download thousands of applications on your device to perform any kind of task. So, here is another fabulous app for all users how they can power off their device, by just sending an SMS.

This is a great news, especially for people who have a knack for misplacing their phones. You can simply power off you phone so no one can misuse it. This is done through a special remote power off app that works on rooted android devices. If you’re not familiar how to root your android device, follow the instructions listed below.

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Step 1: Primarily, open in your web browser.

Step 2: Now, you will get all the download links of framaroot Apk of all versions.

Step 3: Click on any of the following links to download the app.

Step 4: Now, open your file manager and tap on framaroot Apk.

Step 5: Click on Install button.

Step 6: After few seconds, it will show you App installed message.

Step 7: After installing it, download SuperSU App from Google Play Store.

Step 8: SuperSU will manage all SU permissions to different root apps.

Step 9: When rooting process is completed, you will get Success message.

Step 10: Now, reboot your device.

Step 11: You have successfully rooted your android phone/device.

After completing the procedure properly, download Remote Power Off App from Google Play Store and install.

After installing Remote Power off the app on your rooted device, create a new password by typing current password followed by new password and tap ok.

  • Now tap on change secret code option.
  • Now go to the SuperSU App and grant adequate permission to this app.
  • Now your device is safe and secure, whenever you lose it, just send the secret code as an SMS, switching off your android phone.

This would certainly save you from a lot of trouble and save your visit to the police station, every time you accidentally lose your phone.

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