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By TPS November 4, 2016 Tech News

Technical Support over the Phone or Support Helpline is a popular and hassle-free mode of taking care of computer and other sundry tech issues. Simply put, Technical Support is a collection of services and assistance programs – regarding big and small technical challenges –  that are made available to end users by technology providers or third parties.

Technical Support was originally provided as a free service by companies when it concerned products/services provided by them. However, a more on-trend and cost-effective medium is outsourcing the service to a third party, that has expertise in providing assistance to the end users, while the company can concentrate on its core strengths. The tech support industry is marred by many myths and misconceptions. Rest assured, a quality tech support organization can prove most of these to be wrong or half-truths at best.

Here are a few things that Tech Support is rumored to be, but isn’t, if you are dealing with the right people.

Why Tech Support isn’t the villain that it is made out to be?

Myth#1: Prolonged Hold Time – A lot of people complain about being kept on hold for too long. The automated ‘your call is important to us’ doesn’t help much either. A prompt response is what every customer wants.

Logical Explanation:

  • Such complaints are generally seen when a customer decides to call the helpline during ‘peak hours’. Phone traffic is as hard to predict as road traffic and there’s no way any company can tell when the customers would decide to call. However, you will notice that there are instances when your call gets through within a matter of seconds. So it’s not like you’re kept on hold on all occasions without reason.

Myth#2: Tiered Support – The next common grudge one often hears is ‘You never get in touch with the right person for the job.’ Often people fume about providing all necessary details to a representative, only to be transferred to another agent. Well, that could make anyone peeved.

Logical Explanation:

  • Quality control forms an essential part of any tech support company. The first point of contact is hardly ever an ‘expert’. When you are giving this person your details, he/she is simply keeping a record to make things easier for you in future. As for the issue(s) that you call up for, more often than not your call is transferred to a representative most suitable to tackle it. Imagine being connected to someone and explaining your issue, while he/she has no clue about the resolution to your problem. Giving your details to one person and being moved to someone else doesn’t sound all that bad now.

Myth#3: Frequent Call Drop – We agree that getting disconnected in the middle of a call is not uncommon, but that is no reason to assume it is a rule rather than an exception.

Logical Explanation

  • You have to understand that a call to a tech support agent means getting connected to a person on a different continent at times. Like we have already mentioned before, most companies prefer outsourcing their support services. So you are basically sitting in Ohio and connecting to someone in Mumbai. Different cities, different countries, different time zones. Do you happen to have a smooth and disturbance-free conversation with your cousin or friend vacationing in Europe sitting in your Ranch in Nevada? We don’t think so! Technical issues with phone lines is not uncommon. Don’t blame the Support representative for that!
  • Secondly, the agent you might be speaking with also needs to maintain a strict handling time with every customer he speaks to. Sometimes he might rush the call. But do you stop buying your grocery from a particular store because one cashier misbehaved with you. No? Well, then why not adopt a similar attitude towards Tech Support Agents?

So now that we have tackled the myths, let’s get to why you need Tech Support by and large?

Imagine A World Without Tech Support

Have you ever imagined a world where there’s no technical support? A lot many of you might be thinking, “Yeah, what’s the big deal?” But let’s contemplate this from a less biased perspective.   The benefits and advantages are far more than the average person’s ‘perception of Tech Support’

  1. For those who don’t even know the ‘ABCD of tech’.

Now don’t laugh. There are people who call tech support because they don’t know the first step to switch on the laptop. And there’s no one to help them. It could be your grandma or that old lady who sulks all day long on her verandah. All they need to do is dial a toll-free number to get going. Shouldn’t you be thankful that they entertain such customers and help them out? Regardless of how tech-savvy we might pretend to be, there are a lot of people who still require the most basic assistance to sustain themselves in this fast-paced and digitized environment.

  1. Availing Warranties Would Be a Problem

Without customer tech support, it would become extremely difficult for you to avail a warranty/guarantee if your system, device, or software if it malfunctions. Chances are, an agent will try to fix your problem over the call before asking you to make a trip to the nearest service store. This has not only reduced hassle for the customer, but has also brought customers closer to the organizations behind products and services.

  1. Getting Your Product Repaired Would Be a problem

Your computer freezes in the middle of the night and you need it to start working at the earliest possible. Who do you turn to? Qualified technicians are available for you 24/7 and they are just a call away. Besides, with customer tech support, you’re certain that your product will be repaired and the issues addressed. Schemes such as extended warranties and zero depreciation insurance covers, have made it possible for customers to preserve and maintain their products for years. All such schemes would be nigh-impossible without a good technical/customer support service in place.

  1. Complaints Would Become Non-Existent

If you have any complaints or feedback related to the product you bought, you can always call the helpline and let them know. But if there was no helpline, you wouldn’t have a choice but to be satisfied with whatever you have. Sure this would cause less hassle for manufacturers and service providers, but would also inhibit public relations. Feedback is what makes manufacturers and brands improve upon their product catalog. Believe it or not, but a lot of companies have risen to monolithic heights by simply taking customer feedback and complaints seriously to improve their products and services.

  1. Zero Customer Relation

Business and companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google etc. could never reach such heights if they had no interaction with their customers. Public relation is the key to any company’s success and creates a more transparent environment for the customer. But would all this be possible if you didn’t have a way to contact them? We hardly doubt that. Like already mentioned, customer complaints and their solutions not only help the customer, but also help the manufacturers determine flaws in their products and services.

Why are Technical Support Services So Important?

Nothing could be more utterly frustrating as a computer or network system that refuses to perform consistently or doesn’t work at all.  Computer or network downtime leads to increased overhead costs, loss in productivity, lost customer satisfaction and sometimes even lost revenues.

Although, this is specifically true for business entities that are dependent upon Information Technology, technical support is no less important for individuals. Just like Small and Medium Business (SMB) owners and managers often find that IT problems take them away from their profit making operations and significantly increase stress and anxiety levels, individuals find it equally frustrating if a software stops working or if there’s a repetitive bug that is shutting their system down.

Professional, reliable, effective and efficient Technical Support Services are the foundation of a well-running computer or network system and lead to increased productivity, reduced costs and improved profitability and a consistent and enjoyable computer experience for the individual.

Our endeavor is to not just bust the myths surrounding tech support but also deliver the best support services possible at affordable prices at all odd hours and anywhere you want. Be a part of our journey and feel the difference! 

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