Smart Ways to Free Up Space from Your Android Device

By Deepak Saxena November 28, 2016 Android

We often suffer from clogged storage space on our android devices. Although smartphone manufacturers continuously work on increasing the storage capacity with every new device, but this problem is still persistent. You could try expanding the phone’s memory, but this problem will still continue with the device’s internal memory.

Even if your phone isn’t loaded with movies, music or any hi-detail games, your device might still show this problem. But before we move to its solution, let’s take a look at the possible causes of ‘full storage’ issue on Android.

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What is taking up the space on your phone:

  1. Installed applications on your phone also store important data in app cache for better performance. Over time, this cache can swell to magnanimous amounts and result in the above mentioned problem.
  2. Web Browser history and temp files also capture space on your device.
  3. Sent or received files from messenger apps like WhatsApp or WeChat also takes a considerable amount of space. Whatever we send and receive on such apps is saved in a separated folder and even if you delete them from chat they will stay in folder.
  4. Gaming data also occupies a remarkable amount of space on your phone.

How to free up space on your device: There can be multiple ways to free up your internal memory and here are they.

  1. Check for memory usage in settings. You simply need to go to settings>storage>internal storage here you will find how much free internal storage is available. You will also find details of applications and how much space they are taking. It will help you decide what applications you can uninstall to free up space.
  2. Clear cached data: When you will tap on internal storage in settings it will show you how much memory is occupied by cache data. By taping on cache data you will get an option to clear caches. You can clear them to free up the space.


  1. Clear apps data: Every installed app on your device becomes larger in size with time. Some gaming apps save data in large amounts on your phone. If you want to know the difference, go to play store and look for any application that you have installed. In the details you will find the size. Now go to settings>storage>apps and then look for the same app. You will find that its size is much bigger than what’s listed on the app store. Just clear app data to create more room for storage on your phone.


  1. Move apps to SD card: Some of the apps from play store comes with a feature to be moved to SD card. You can move an application to SD card by going to settings>Storage>apps>” app name”>move to SD card. This will move application to SD card with all its data, thus freeing up space on your phone/device.
  2. Back up your data to cloud: To free up the space on your device you can always back up the data and delete it from the phone. You can create a backup on the computer or on the cloud. There are so many applications available on the play store for online backup such as drop box, google photos etc. With these back up applications your data is safe and you will get a free space on your phone too.


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We hope these methods will help you to make most of the available space on your device. If you are facing any other such issue related to a smartphone or a computer, kindly let us know as we will help you resolve it. You can call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.






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