Learn How to Use iPhone’s Bedtime Mode to Manage Your Sleeping Routine?

By Rimzhim Sharma November 15, 2016 How To, iOS

Technological advancements are escalating day by day, but back in the 80’s did you ever thought that one day your phone prompt you to sleep. Remember when we were adolescent kids, and our mothers used to send us to sleep early. Now seriously, who could have thought back then that even our smartphones can adopt that role manage our sleeping routines.

Amazingly, the iOS 10 update enables iPhones to become your personal bedtime assistants. By just analyzing your basic sleeping patterns they will now tell at what time you should sleep, how long you want to sleep and what time you want to wake up (with the favorite tune of your choice).

Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone’s Bedtime Mode and manage our sleeping routines with the help of these quick & easy steps:

1. Fire up the alarm app and switch to Bedtime. As soon as you hit the “Get started” button your iPhone will guide you through.


2. Now you need to select the time when you need to wake up and hit next.


3. Forget ruining your weekends with the consistent alarm sounds. Now you can easily deselect the days when you don’t want the alarm clock to buzz.


4. Next, it’s time to decide how much amount of sleep do you need.


5. Then, let’s set a bedtime Reminder like you want the alarm to remind you 10 minutes before sleep or 20 minutes so on.


6. Wake up to your favorite tune by selecting any song of your choice as your alarm. Another noticeable feature to this wake up sound is that the sound won’t instantly bam in your head rather it will wake you up in a more civilized way and the tune will gradually start increasing.


7. Once you’re done don’t forget to press save to complete the setup.

8. You’ll now see your sleep time plotted in graphical format. Here you can toggle bedtime on or off via the green sliding icon.


Viewing your Sleep Stats:

You can view your sleeping stats in this tab of alarm clock app. Your iPhone intelligently monitors your sleep data and maintains these records.


If you click on the “More History” option, it will open the iPhone health app where all your sleep history is stored.


In the health app you can easily analyze your sleep data on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.


Edit Settings:

From here you can change all the previously saved settings in case you feel like changing your waking up time or alarm tune, you can perform all the alterations here in this tab. Just tap “Options” on the left corner of the screen and make the changes of your choice.


Isn’t it nice? So activate your personal bedtime assistant right away if sleeping is your favorite hobby too 😉

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In case you face any trouble in activating the bedtime mode then give us a call on our toll free number 855-765-6710 (US, Canada) so that our tech assistants can guide you through the process.




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