Is Overnight Charging Your Smartphone A Good Idea?

By Rimzhim Sharma November 13, 2016 Tech Tips

Ever got late to work just because the alarm clock didn’t ring? Agree or not but we do get a small panic attack when the first thing you encounter in the morning is “Oh no! phone’s battery died again”. To save us from this chaos we are often tempted to charge our phone overnight, ensuring that we will get a fully charged battery by morning. But is overnight charging your smart phone is really a good idea?

The New York times has answered this in a fascinating way stating, “If you’re the kind of person who switches phones every two years or so, it probably won’t matter much to your phone’s battery life even if you leave it plugged in at night.” So if that sounds like you then feel free to charge your phone overnight without hesitating.

Smartphones are actually “Smart”

Charging your smartphone overnight is probably not that big an issue. Some android and iPhones are built with a technology that stops absorbing excess power once the phone is fully charged. So charging your phone with a genuine original and trustworthy charger won’t create much of harm to your battery’s health.

But experts say that the act of charging is itself bad for your phone’s health. Let’s know how!

Here’s Why…??

Most phones are designed in a way that consume more power while charging. Hatem Zeine, the founder, chief scientist and chief technical officer of the wireless charging company Ossia, says that technology enables phones to adjust themselves according to the power being supplied by the charger. Simply meaning that some batteries consume power at faster rate and adjust as per requirements. However, it does sound great that our phones can become ready for use in a short time of span but it’s not a healthy practice. Mr. Zeine says “Charging your phone fast limits the span of your battery’s life”.

To Charge or not to Charge?

People looking forward to preserve their phone’s battery for a longer time should make sure that the phone is charged in a right manner and is not overheating (in any circumstance). High temperature can harm the lithium battery to corrode at a faster rate. Apple’s website itself states that a temperature above 35 degrees Celsius can permanently damage battery’s capacity. Although if see from a consumer point of view then all this doesn’t make much of a difference because 80% of us replace our phones before 2 years, before the battery wearing out signs are seen.

Experts also recommend that try not to go from 0 to 100% in one go because this breaks the battery health. So if you want to save your battery’s health the optimum way of charging your phone is to keep it charged between 50-80 % because as soon as the charge crosses 90%, electrical consumption is increased. This technique allows charged ions to be alive and protect your battery for a longer duration of time.

Hence, you can leave your phone plugged overnight without having too much risk, start using quality accessories and charge smartly.

If not, then maybe buy yourself a separate alarm clock 😉




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