How to View Installed Apps on Android, iOS and Windows Phones?

By Surbhi Totuka November 27, 2016 Android, How To, iOS, Windows

There are so many amazing apps available for Android, iOS and Windows phone users. With millions of apps available, it has also become a general tendency for users to install several apps and forget about them.

Thankfully you can now check a list of all your installed applications, irrespective or what operating system your phone or device runs. Every smartphone maintains a record of all installed apps for the users to check. Listed below are the ways how you can check the list of installed apps on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Android Users

Android users can directly see their list of downloaded and installed apps from the Playstore. To view the list, simply tap on the 3 bars icon on the upper left corner to open a new menu. Here, select ‘My Apps’ and you will be able to see a complete list of all installed apps on your phone along with previously and recently downloaded apps.

Windows Users

Similarly, Windows Users can also view the list of downloaded apps. All Windows users just have to sign in with Microsoft user id and password and then open up the Windows Store. After opening it, click on the icon with your picture and choose My library and easily check all the installed apps on your phone or device. This list will include all apps that you have downloaded from the Microsoft apps store. You will also be able to review these apps from here and download new apps.

iPhones and iPad Users

iPhones users can also see the list of installed apps simply by opening up the App store. Click on ‘update options’ located at the bottom toolbar on the App store home screen. After selecting this option, you will see the Purchases option which you must select to see all frequently downloaded apps. Moreover, the list of all those apps that you have installed but are not currently present in your device can also be seen here.

I hope this blog will help you to find out the list of all the installed apps so now you can check it out on your device.