How to Use Power Nap Mode in Mac OS?

By Deepak Saxena November 19, 2016 How To, Mac

We usually take a power nap after a heavy lunch or whenever we feel we need to conserve some energy during the day. Power nap doesn’t mean a deep sleep, but a short rest where we’re partially responsive and can get back to work as soon as we’re active. A well timed power nap not only keeps your brain functions active but also helps you conserve energy for a longer duration.

In a similar manner, you can also set power nap mode on your mac. This will help you to save power, without interrupting any application updates. However, some of its functionalities depends, whether your mac is plugged in or not.

Power nap functions available when mac is not plugged in

  1. Contacts, Notes, iCloud Documents, Photo Stream, and Reminders are updated when you make changes on you other devices.
  2. You will receive new messages in Mail.
  3. Calendars will be updated with new invitations and events.
  4. Find My Mac still works, making it easy for you to track your Mac’s location even in power sleep mode.

Power nap functions available when mac is plugged in

  1. Downloading software updates and Mac App Store updates
  2. Time Machine backups
  3. Spotlight indexing
  4. Updating Help Center content

Many activities take place on regular basis such as time machine backups, software updates and many Mac App Store updates.

This is how you can enable power Nap mode on your Mac

Note: This feature will only be available on your Mac if it is manufactured in last 5 years.

  1. Open Energy Saver settings in system preferences. Power nap feature will be the last option in these settings.
  2. Tick the last check box that is “Enable Power Nap”



  1. If you are using a MacBook, then you will see two tabs on the top of energy saver window. One is battery and the other one is power adapter.



As you can see you can configure different setting for different modes.

On the power nap your Mac will not exhibit any sound of notifications and it will be suspended automatically if the machine overheats.

For MacBook models manufactured in 2013 or later, Power Nap will continue to operate until the battery is drained completely. Earlier models will suspend Power Nap once the battery has reached 30% or lower.

If you are facing an issue that the battery is draining very fast when your Mac is on power nap mode, then we suggest you to detach any other external devices attached to your Mac because they took the power from Mac or sometimes they are responsible to suspend the power nap mode.

It is suggested to turn power nap mode off if you are on a business trip or when you know that you won’t get a chance to charge your laptop for an extended period of time. When your Mac book is on power nap mode it will not go to sleep mode. If you have a power source nearby then it will really work well for you.

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