How to Turn Your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop into an All-Listening Voice Assistant

By Deepak Saxena November 30, 2016 How To, Tech Tips

Voice-assisted device always makes your work simpler and easier. You can increase the functionality of a voice-assisted device by enabling its all-time-listening feature. This way the voice commands will work even if the device is on standby or sleep mode. Different devices come with different voice assistants. You can enable or disable their functionality as per your convenience.

There are some devices like amazon echo that are designed to work on voice commands and act accordingly. These devices work on artificial intelligence and some of them can be synced with our home appliances. This enables us to control various function such as switching the lights on/off, making coffee etc. through voice commands. All smartphones, tablets and laptops can be used for this purpose.

For android devices:

Let us start with the android devices and learn to turn them into smart voice assistants.

  1. Download and install google voice access app from the play store (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or newer).


  1. After installation go to Settings, then Accessibility. Choose Voice Access and switch service on.
  2. Once you have turned these services on you will now find some more options to configure such as recognize voice even when the screen is turned off.


For Apple devices:

Apple devices have an inbuilt intelligent voice assistant called Siri. With new updates apple keep working on improvement of functionality of this digital assistant. Recently, apple has launched new Mac OS Sierra, which is focused on voice functionality. It allows you to search files, surf the internet and integrates with many local applications on your Mac. Let us see how can we make the best use of Siri on iPhone.

  1. To turn on Siri on your iPhone first of all you need to go to settings>General>Siri and turn this feature on. When you long press home button Siri will appear in listening mode, won’t be active on the lock screen.


  1. To enable Siri on lock screen you can turn on “Allow hey Siri” this will let you interact with Siri without pressing home button when you phone is on charging. You just need to say “hey Siri” and this will activate Siri. However, to use some functions Siri may ask you to unlock the device.

For windows laptop: yes, a windows laptop can also work as your voice assistant. However, this voice assistant will only perform some basic tasks for you such as search for weather, or look up something over the internet etc. Here is what you need to enable voice commands in your laptop.

  1. If you do not have google chrome web browser, you need to download and install it.
  2. Now go to settings>advanced>Privacy settings>enable ok google check box


  1. After a message and after clicking “ok” this feature will be enabled. Whenever you will Open a new tab or visit google homepage you will be able to search by saying” Ok Google”


If you love to search new things over the internet, this is how you can do it without touching the keyboard or mouse.

Note: These methods only work with an active internet connection and microphone.

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