How to switch back to previous windows version from windows 10?

By Rimzhim Sharma November 8, 2016 How To, Windows

Not a great fan of the latest version of windows 10? Has it messed up your PC settings? Not finding Cortana very comforting? Don’t worry, as this article covers step by step detail of ‘how to roll back to previous version of windows.

Follow The Below Steps:

1. Go to the PC Settings, by typing Settings in the taskbar search (next to the Windows icon) and click on Settings. It will open PC Settings. Once on the new window, select “Update and Security”.


2. At Update and Security window, we will have options like Windows Update, Activation, Backup, Recovery and Windows Defender. Click on ‘Recovery’ to bring up a new window.


3. In the recovery settings menu, we will see 3 options:

Reset this PC: Remove everything and reinstall Windows. This will take the PC to its original factory settings.

Go back to your previous version of Windows: This will just bring the previous Windows back on the PC without affecting documents and files. Note that we have to carry out rollback operation, within 30 days of upgrading to Windows 10

Advanced Startup: Here we can change our PC settings using a Windows image or a USB/DVD.


4. Click on ‘Go back to previous version of Windows’. In this case we see Go back to Windows 8.1. Microsoft will then ask for the feedback and the reason to uninstall Windows 10.


5. Give the feedback and Click on Next. We will see the following screen.


6. Make sure the PC/Laptop is plugged in as the rollback might get interrupted due to power off. Click on the Go back to Windows 8.1 button.


7. System might take a while to process roll back and read the settings of the previous Windows version. Important warning – we need to know or remember our password that we used to sign on into our previous Windows version.


8. Once the rollback process is completed, the PC will automatically be taken back to the previous version of Windows.

Note:- Rollback is dependent on the availability of the Windows.old & other OS folders, if we delete that, then we may not have the privilege to rollback.

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Just sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee by the time the update takes place.

Hope the above steps will help you in switching back to older version of the windows. In case you need assistance regarding any of the above mentioned points then give us a call on our toll free number 855-765-6710 (US, Canada).



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