How to Manage iCloud Photos from PC?

By Deepak Saxena November 25, 2016 How To, iCloud, iOS

Do you often connect your iPhone to your computer via iTunes? Most  of the times you do it to transfer or manage your Music or photos but do you know that you can do this without even connecting your phone to iTunes? Although it is always best to sync music with iTunes. But your photos can be transferred to iPhone in a much simpler manner without using iTunes.

For this you need to access your phone settings and manage your photos from any location or device.

Please follow these steps on your iPhone:

  1. Go to settings> Photos and Camera>iCloud photo library and turn this feature.


  1. Wait for couple seconds before the service is turned on.


  1. Once iCloud photos are turned on you will see other options that you can choose as per your convenience.


iCloud Photo library function is now enabled. Make sure your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi connection for the service to work.

Steps to follow on computer:

 1. Login to on your computer with your apple id and password.


 2. Click on photos icon it will load the photos from synced device. It might take some time to load all the images, especially when logging in the first time.


3. Once it is loaded you can browse all your photos in photo library.

img6_25112016_34. Click on a photo to view it in its full size. You can move to previous and next pictures by using arrow keys.

5. When you open a full size image your will find options to delete, download it or mark it as a favorite.

Note: Deleting a photo will also delete it from all synced devices.


  1. You can apply these operations to multiple images as well i.e you can download, delete or share multiple images at time. To do this you have to click on select photos tab on the top right.


  1. You can upload new photos from your computer to iCloud and these photos will be visible on all synced devices.

So not only this is a more efficient way to manage your photos library, but also makes them more accessible.

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