How to Find Your Lost Smartphone?

By Deepak Saxena November 24, 2016 Android, How To, iOS

Losing a smartphone is always a pain because you also lose a lot of important information such as contact details, saved media and tons of personal information that could be misused.

The good news is that all the smartphones have a feature to get tracked. It means you can find your lost phone or wipe the data from anywhere to prevent it from being misused. So regardless of your phone’s operating system, you can check out the below steps to track and retrieve your lost smartphone.

1. How to find your lost Android smart phone: Let us start with android devices. For android you do not need to have any specific app to track your phone. To track your lost android, follow the below steps.

a. Go to the website from a computer or any other smartphone.


b. Sign in with the same email account as your playstore account.
c. Click on the settings button on the top right and then Android Device Manager.


d. You will be able to see your device with its position on google map.



This is how can find your android device with playstore. You can also call or wipe data remotely to keep it from getting misused.

2. How to find lost iPhone: There are two ways to find out your lost IPhone.

(i) Through find iPhone app.

a. You simply need find iPhone app on another iphone/ipad.
b. Login to this app with the apple id and password of the lost iphone.
c. If you have multiple devices under one apple id you will see them here and by clicking on a particular device, you will find its location on map.
d. By clicking on Actions given in the bottom of the screen you will find options to call on the phone or wipe data.

(ii) Through iCloud website.

a. Visit from any PC/Mac.
b. Log in with the apple id logged in your iPhone and it will show you a menu like this.


C. Click find iPhone icon; it will again ask for login password. After you enter the password it will show the location of your phone.


3. How to find your lost windows phone:

a. Go to If you’re prompted to sign in, use the same Microsoft account you used to sign in on your phone.

b. Choose the phone you want to find, and then click Find My Phone.
c. You’ll see a map with your phone’s location. You can zoom in or out to get a better view.

This is how you can track your lost smartphones and prevent the hassle of reporting it to the authorities.

Note: Your devices will only be trackable if the location services are turned on and the device is connected to the internet.

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