How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Favorite Programs?

By Deepak Saxena November 17, 2016 How To, Windows


Sure the mouse added a lot of variety to a computer, making it more accessible to casual users. Nevertheless, we all might have noticed that expert users hardly use the mouse and use keyboard shortcuts instead. Using keyboard shortcuts might sound a little pesky for mouse-friendly users, but are actually more convenient in real-time use. Depending on the nature of your job, you might only use specific apps on your computer. If you use a Windows system, you can now add personalized key-board shortcuts for the apps that you use frequently. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can refer to these steps listed below.

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Step 1: Open start menu and find your favorite application.

Step 2: If your favorite application is not there in start menu, type its name in search programs.

Step 3: Once you find the application that you want to modify, right click and go to the properties.

Step 4: When you click properties you will find a new window opened. Please click on shortcut tab in this window.


Step 5: You will see a field named shortcut key in this window with “none” written in it. When you click on it, you will see a cursor but you won’t able to make changes. Now press ctrl and you will see that ctrl+alt has appeared in this field.

Step 6: Press any letters on the keyboard to assign them as shortcut keys. Now you will see that ctrl+alt+alphabet you have assigned is written there against shortcut.


In this way, you have successfully created a shortcut key for your frequently used app. Now whenever you will run your computer you access your favorite app by directly pressing ctrl+alt+alphabet assigned to it.  You can create such shortcuts for as many applications you want. Creating shortcut for an application does not mean that you can open the app only by using a shortcut key. You can also open it by the normal procedure.

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It may be hard to remember the keys assign for each and every application. To avoid this, you can assign keys in a smarter way, for instance, you want to create a shortcut for opening your web browser so you can use Ctrl+alt+I, where ‘i’ stands for internet. Similarly, if you use calculator very often you can assign Ctrl+alt+C.




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