How to Boost Your Laptop Battery Life?

By TPS November 13, 2016 How To, Tech Tips

Laptops are used by a lot of people today and facilitate several tasks such as emails, documentations, presentations anywhere you go. However, doing all these tasks can also drain your laptop’s battery quicker than you think. The more applications you open on your laptop, the faster they will consume battery power. Low battery power can also be due to improper settings and functions such as screen brightness, screensavers and backlight etc. So if you have been plagued by a poor battery life on your laptop, these below methods can help you make your laptop battery last longer:

1. Minimize Screen Brightness

It’s certainly hard to believe that an overly bright display can also lead to quick power consumption. It is always better to reduce screen brightness to conserve power. This not only helps you optimize your laptop battery life but will also make the display less stressful for eyes.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and other Hardware Devices

Every laptop has Bluetooth so that you can share your files with your friends or any other person. Although this sounds pretty convenient, but leaving your Bluetooth connection on also consumes battery power. For best results, you should always turn your Bluetooth connection off when not in use.

3. Kill Background Apps and Processes

It’s not just these hardware functions that drain your battery power. On a typical system there are countless apps and processes which are active in the background and eat up battery power. So, if you don’t require those apps to consume power then they’re better being turned off. Simply open up task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc. After opening it, you can view the running apps and processes and close them by clicking ‘End Task’.

4. Use Hibernate instead of Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is usually considered a great way to save battery power when leaving your laptop unattended for a short duration. Nevertheless, it too drains power from the battery. Hibernate mode on the other hand does similar things as the sleep mode but doesn’t drain any power. It saves your work in system memory and closes all apps and processes, quite similar to when you shut your pc down.

5. Tweak your Power plan

If you want to save power, then this is the best option you should consider. Making changes to your power plan can improve your battery life and performance significantly. You can also set your laptop to automatically enter power saver mode, whenever it is left idle for a given period of time. You could either use the pre-loaded power plans, or modify them according to your requirements. Power plans can be chosen and modified in Control Panel’s ‘Power Options’.

We hope the above mentioned tips will help you extend your laptop battery life.



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