How to Boost Battery Life of Your iPhone Running on iOS 10?

By Deepak Saxena November 17, 2016 How To, iOS

iOS 10 has been released with tones of amazing features. With the new iOS 10 your phone will now become more user friendly and these features will make your phone an ideal digital assistant. Turning on these features however, can cause your phone battery to drain quickly.

Here are some tips to save your iPhone’s battery so that you can enjoy these new features for longer time before you charge.

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  1. Control brightness: Brightness of the phone contributes a lot in to battery consumption. You can adjust your iPhone’s screen brightness from the control center. Keep it as low and sufficient enough to view the contents on your screen. Also turn automatic brightness off because automatic brightness uses light sensor, which contributes in battery drain. Manually decrease the brightness in dark and increase it in light. To turn off automatic brightness, check How to boost battery life of your iPhone running on iOS 10. 
  1. Turn off ‘raise to wake’: If you are having an iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 7 you will also have raise to wake turned on your phone. It means whenever you pick your phone its screen will turned on so if you walk with your phone in your pocket and lift your phone so many times it will turn on its screen every time. To avoid drainage of battery because of screen turning on very often. Turn ‘raise to wake’ off by going to settings>Display and brightness.


  1. Keep all apps up to date: Some applications have bugs because of which they consume more battery. To fix these bugs, developers release updates time-to-time. It is always best to visit the app store to check for any outdated apps and update them.img2_17112016_1(Image taken from google)

When apple releases software updates it initially releases a beta version so app developers can optimize their applications accordingly. So it always helps if we keep our apps up-to-date.

  1. Have few number of widgets on lock screen: widgets for lock screen is really an appreciable feature of the new iOS. It allows users to quickly get notifications from their favorite apps directly from the lock screen. Although this is helpful, it still drains extra battery power. It is best to customize the widgets screen and keep only the most frequently used apps.

To change these settings, go to bottom of the widgets and tap on edit from here you can add or remove widgets. To remove a widget, click on – and to add a widget from the available one simply click on +.


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  1. Use location service for selected apps: Whenever you install a new app on your phone it asks for location access if it requires your location to function. If you’re not sure what applications you have turn-on location services for, you can check it on settings>privacy>Location services. From here, you can also disable location services for any app that uses this service.



  1. Turn On Reduce Motion: You always enjoy some nice animations and amazing effects on your iPhone. With new iOS 10, some amazing new animations effects have been added. Although they make your phone visibly more appealing, these animations and effects require a lot of CPU usage and hence consume batteries. We can disable these features by turning reduce motion feature on. To enable Reduce motion, go to settings>General>accessibility>reduce motion>turn it on.


Note Turning reduce motion on disable many animations in IMessage such as sending balloons fireworks etc.

  1. At last, turn on low power mode. If you still find that the battery is draining too fast and you won’t be able to charge your phone, you can simply turn on low power mode. It’s an inbuilt feature in iPhone that controls your power consumption. This feature temporarily reduces power consumption until you able to fully charge your phone. When this feature is turned on mail fetch, hey Siri, background app refresh, some visual effects, are turned off or reduced.

To turn on low power mode, go to settings>Battery>low power mode. Turn it on.

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We hope these 7 tips will help you make your iPhone battery last much longer. If you have any other tech related issue, then it will be our pleasure to help you. Please find our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.



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