How to Become A Smart Gmail User?

By Rimzhim Sharma November 18, 2016 Tech Tips

The word “Search” has been replaced by ‘Google’. In similarly Gmail too, has pretty much become a metonym for emails. Most of us use Gmail as our primary email account, as it was the first web based email application to provide us with tons of storage capacity. Gmail has kept on increasing the storage capacity over the time and now if a user signs up he is provided with 15 gigabytes of initial storage. There are some incredible features of Gmail which helps you to do your tasks in a fast and organized manner. So let’s talk about those features which might fascinate you to use Gmail even more, if you’re not using it till now-


With the hashtag feature in Gmail, it becomes really easy to pin down any importance piece of information. Say you’re chatting with your friend and he shares a link of a shopping site which you might want to check later. So you can simply use the hashtag #ShopThisLater whilst in chat and you can access that link later by just searching that hashtag’s name. We can use hashtag feature for various purposes such as saving link such as books on sale, simply save it with #booksonsale.


Make Gmail your Clipboard

Did you know that we can directly copy and paste the images to our Gmail account? Adding more spice to the surprise we can even simply drag and drop images while composing a mail. Not many of us are aware of this amazing feature in Gmail. Almost 90% of users, first save the image and then attach it to emails for sending. But now our work is simplified and can be done in just a fraction of seconds. But that’s not all, as we can also save all images in a message by simply using #Clipboard for quick access to all our important information.

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Calendar Reminder and Scheduling

Google Calendar app is by far the best tool to manage your upcoming events. You can enable the calendar in Gmail settings> Labs. Calendar can also be used to set reminders for any future event.


To-do List

How great would it be to have a to-do list in your mail inbox so you can never miss an important task. We can easily ‘star’ our important mail messages and can have quick access to those. In this way we can prioritize our tasks accordingly without being paranoid. For example, we can ‘star’ the mails, which we need to reply later. To ‘star’ a message, we need to click on the left side of the sender’s name, as soon as it is enabled it will turn yellow.


Enable Desktop notifications

You can now enable desktop notifications for your emails so you never miss on any important ones. But before that we need to enable desktop notification settings in chrome web browser. To enable desktop notification settings, we need to open browser menu, head on to Privacy section and select content settings. Once you open content settings click on “Allow all sites to show desktop notifications”.

Now once the desktop notifications are active we need to enable Gmail settings. To do that first click on settings and select “new mail notification” setting. After that click on “Important mail notifications” option to get notified as soon as an email message lands in your inbox.


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