How to Add and Use Custom Text Shortcuts to iOS

By Deepak Saxena November 30, 2016 How To, iOS

Do you find yourself typing the same text on your email, iMessage and text messages? Sure a lot of times we just reply with the saved quick reply texts such as ‘Catch You later’, ‘On my way’ etc. But this still doesn’t work when you want to type more detailed replies.

What if, we type just a few words and our smartphone automatically sends a full message to the receiver. Turns out, iOS devices have this feature to create text replacements or text shortcuts for all such small sentences. sThat means you can just assign 2 or 3 words for a particular sentence and when you will type these words it will expand into a full sentence.

Here are the steps to create and use text replacements on you iPhone:

 1. To create these text replacements, go to settings on your iphone.

2. Now go to General>Keyboard and you will find Text Replacement here.

3. Here you will find one pre-loaded shortcut for on my way (omw).


4. To add a new replacement, tap on + icon present on the top right. Now it will ask for a phrase and shortcut.


5. Click on save to save the shortcut and go to compose a new message.

6. When you will type the shortcut it will show the phrase in suggestions.


The most amazing part about this feature is, these phrases aren’t case sensitive and they work across all third-party keyboards. You can also sync and save them to iCloud so you can use these shortcuts across all your devices.

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