Google Photos a Smart Cloud Storage for Your Photos

By Deepak Saxena November 4, 2016 Tech News

Google photos is a cross platform cloud storage for your photos that also comes with some amazing features. It is an ideal cloud storage service that allows you to access your photos from any location. It automatically loads all photos from your device, which you can upload one by one or together. If you wish to know more about this amazing service from Google, here are some amazing features it offers.

  1. Smart auto-rotate: Google photos scan through your photo albums and rotate the pictures to straighten them. No matter if photos need to be rotated clockwise or anti clockwise. Google photos does its job perfectly. auto-photo-rotate
  2. Video animations. As google photos works for both videos and photos, it can also create animation from videos. Previously animations were only created by photographs.animation-from-video
  3. Visual Search: Thanks to the AI assisted search algorithm, you do not need to tag your files anymore. You can simply type a single keyword that explains the contents in a photo to search them. For example, if you have your pet’s photo in google photos you can find them by writing ‘dog’ in the search box. It is a perfect implementation of artificial intelligence where computers have learned to reorganize faces, places and objects.



  1. Share with Multiple Recipients at the Same time: This is the smartest way to share your photos with your dear ones. You can create a single shared album that multiple users will be able to view at the same time. With Google Photos can share photos without worrying about the device your recipient is using.

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  1. Back up unlimited photos and videos for free: Yes, all these amazing features and unlimited back up is available for free. Google photos allows you to back up unlimited photos and videos on cloud. It allows you to upload any images up to 16MP resolution and 1080p for videos. Moreover, you can access them from any location and from any device.
  1. Amazing effects and easy editing: New google photos comes with 14 amazing effects, which can make your photos look great in a single tap. You can also adjust lighting, contrast, color, and vignette along with various filters to bring your images to life.

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  1. Rediscover your memories: Some memories never fade away. Whenever you see a photograph of past vacation or the wedding you attended few years back, it definitely freshens your mood. Google Photos helps you preserve such memorable times by grouping related photos together to create digital memories.


  1. Make room for more memories: If you have google photos ready on your device you need not to worry about running out of space to capture new memories. Now you can safely back up your photos and can remove them from your phone to recover storage space for new data.

An application like google photos is a must have for every internet user today. Regardless of whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who likes clicking selfies, Google Photos can help you organize your photos in a safe and secure location.

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