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By Deepak Saxena November 22, 2016 How To

If you use an iPhone, the home button can be used to achieve multiple tasks such as opening recent apps, take you to the home screen and Interact with Siri. Strangely, with the latest iPhone7 and 7 Plus, the button has been reduced to a touch pad which might not settle very well with old users. But nevertheless, you can also use iPhone’s on screen home button to achieve the same tasks as a physical home button.

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This is how it looks like on your home screen.


You can get this home button on your iPhone by following these steps.

  1. Go to settings>General>Accessibility>Assistive touch


  1. Turn assistive touch


  1. You will get a home button on your screen as shown in the first screenshot. This button becomes transparent when it is not in use and you can also move it to any place.
  2. When you will tap this button it will show you many options such as home control center and Siri etc.


As you can see you can find almost everything related to your home button on this screen. You can go to recent apps by double tapping home button.

  1. If you will tap on device, it will open a fresh menu which will look like this.


This menu can be used to rotate screen, lock screen and to adjust ringer volume.

  1. Next in the more menu you will find shake gestures to take screen shot, for multi shaking and gestures (Includes multi touch).


This is how on screen home button helps to perform multiple tasks from the screen itself. This inbuilt feature makes iPhone highly user friendly.

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