8 Digital Security Tips to Keep in Mind While You Travel

By Rimzhim Sharma November 25, 2016 Tech News, Tech Tips

Planning a vacation nowadays is no more a tedious task. All thanks to the era of digital evolution, we can now easily book our flight tickets online, reserve accommodation, discover attractive deals, explore a bunch of adventurous activities and what not. But with good news, comes bad news too! As technological advancements have opened a whole new dimension for us through internet, so begins a merry time for hackers and cyber criminals. We use a lot of private and confidential information online that exposes us to cybercrime and compromises our digital security.

Here are some digital security tips for you so that your vacation plans don’t get ruined by hackers:

 1. Backup all your Devices before you Leave– Before you pack your bags and get all set to leave for vacation, make sure that you have taken the latest backup for all your devices. This way you can restore your important data in case your device is stolen/lost.

2. Enable Password Protection– Even if you are not a great fan of locking your smartphone, now is the good time. Use either a numeric passcode or a fingerprint sensor or pattern lock and safeguard all your devices.

3. Smart Banking– Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks while performing banking transactions as it might put you at a possible financial risk. Public networks can be easily bugged by hackers and could expose all your sensitive financial information to them.

4. Carry Hardcopies of Important Documents– To save yourself from risk it is advisable to take physical print outs (on paper) of all your important documents like flight tickets, Id proofs etc. Even if you lose your phone you will still have genuine documents to save yourself from misery.

5. Avoid Geo Tagging– Yes we surely know that you love posting your pictures over social media and doing check ins at your favorite location. But doing all this in a foreign and unfamiliar place might increase the risk of being tracked down by illegal spying activities.

6. Monitor your Account Summary Regularly– We all know that how vacations engulf us in a big fat bubble of happiness. But that doesn’t mean we should compromise our security. It is strongly recommended to keep a regular check of your account summary, so that if any suspicious activity occurs we can immediately take necessary actions.

7. Link Location Services of whole Family– There are several location apps available on the app store through which you can stay connected with all your family members. Some apps even offer us a SOS feature that can be used during emergencies.

8. Find My phone– Make sure that you download the find my iPhone app before you head for your vacations to track down the device if you misplace or lose it. Similar apps are also available for Android and Windows platform. You can easily avail them from the respective app stores.

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Follow these life saving tips so that you steer clear from these cyber crooks. Please add your views and suggestions in the comments section below. Have a “Fun-Filled” Vacation! 🙂




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