5 Incredible Features of iPhone Photo App

By Rimzhim Sharma November 22, 2016 iOS

We bet you didn’t know!

If your iPhone or iPad is the best camera you have, then iPhone’s photos app is your camera’s best buddy. We often think that the photos app is only a storage hub for our pictures and videos, but there are various exciting things that you can do with it.

Mostly, a lot of us are unaware about splendid features like hiding our photos, or enhancing pictures with various filters. We can also directly share a picture though social networks like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp and what not.

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Hiding Photos

Did you know that you can easily hide your private photos in iPhone? The Photos app itself has a feature to hide a particular photo from your collection. To hide a photo simply long press the picture tile until it shows a hide button. As soon as you press hide button, that particular picture will be removed from the photo collection and will be saved in a separated album entitled “Hidden”. Once you want to again view it you can long press on the picture (in the hidden album) and press “Unhide”. This will automatically make the picture visible again in photo library.

Enhance your Photos like a Pro

You will never ever need a third party photo editing app if you would have known about various editing features about the iPhone’s Photo App. To edit a photo in the photos app itself first open picture. Once the picture opens tap “Edit” in the top right corner. There’s a wide range of tools available inside photos app like cropping, rotating and setting aspect ratio etc. In this way we can get our photos framed just the way we want it!

Moreover, there are also numerous smart adjustments such as enhancing overall light, adjusting exposure, brightness, contrast, auto enhance and much more; giving great results even if you’re a novice.

“Recently Deleted” Album Feature

All your deleted photos are kept in a safe vault named “Recently Deleted” for 30 days. So in case you mistakenly deleted a particular picture from your phone, you now don’t need to worry. The deleted picture will be saved in the Recently Deleted album for 30 days and can be restored. However, deleting any photos from this location will result in the files being permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Quick Share

Share here, there and everywhere! With the quick share features of the Photo app we can directly share our pictures using other apps like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. We can just tap the share button inside the photo app and it will give us various share button extensions that let us instantly share a picture to our favorite app.

ICloud Photo Library

The iCloud Photo library lets you access your photos and videos anytime and anywhere. So no matter where you are you can now view your photo from the last year from any device any time you want. The iCloud Photo library helps you keep your photos at one place so that you can easily access them from your iPad, Mac or PC.

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We hope the above incredible features in Photos App will certainly help you get the best out your iPhone and keep your images organized.



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