How to Re-Index Folders & Volumes in Mac?

By TPS October 27, 2016 Mac

Is the spotlight search of your Mac behaving a little sulky? Is it constantly indexing your drive, or becoming corrupted not providing you the desired search results. If you are facing such problems in Mac OS X Spotlight search results, you need to re-index the folders or volumes for the Spotlight to search efficiently.

Let’s learn how to force the Spotlight in rebuilding the index:

  1. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences.
  2. Select Spotlight.


  1. Select Privacy tab.


  1. Drag an entire volume (hard drive) or folder to the list.
  2. Click OK when it is prompted for confirmation.
  3. Remove the volume or folder you added to the list by selecting it and then clicking (-) minus button.
  4. Finally, Close the Spotlight preferences. Spotlight will now re-index the contents of the folder or disk.

Note: You can only add folders or items to the Privacy tab that you have ownership permissions for. 

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Re-index Spotlight using Terminal command

  1. Open Terminal app from Applications -> Utilities


  1. Type or paste the following command in terminal.

  sudo mdutil -E /


    1. This command will re-index every mounted volume on Mac OS X Yosemite and mavericks like disk images, external drive and internal hard drives.
    2. It will require you to enter administrator password.
    3. Then hit Return.
    4. You will get “indexing enabled” message on screen.


Then type in exit. Press return.

It will re-index search results in Spotlight.

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