How to fix the Temporary Profile issue in Windows 7

By Rimzhim Sharma October 13, 2016 How To, Windows

“You have logged in with a temporary profile!” This is a quiet famous dialog from the windows 7 era. Sometimes our windows might not recognize our correct user profile and instead drag us into a whole new unidentified environment-with missing files and folder and empty desktop.

Before learning about how to fix this issue let’s have a look at why this error occurs.

Why is Temporary Profile Loaded?

When we type in our login details credentials, the windows try to read our data. (username and password) in order to load our profile. If somehow the windows fail to read the data in time or is delayed, then in this case a temporary profile is loaded.

How to fix the Temporary Profile issue in Windows 7 ?

Before doing anything first try the easy way out. Simply Restart your computer for 3-4 times to check whether it’s redirecting to your correct profile. Is this does not work then try the following procedure:

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Step 1: Temp Profile Registry

  • Log in with Temp Profile.
  • Open Run dialog box by pressing windows + R key and type “Regedit” and hit Enter.


  • Navigate to the following location:


Step 2: Edit the Extensions

  • Under the Profile List section, you will see similar keys and one of them will include a .bak file extension.


  • The key with .bak is for the correct old profile. Currently your Windows 7 computer is logged in with fresh (temporary) profile with same key.
  • Rename the new profile key (which is not having .bak extension) and remove .bak from correct old profile key. (Refer the below mentioned snapshot)



Step 3: Restart computer

  • Log out the Temp profile and restart the system.
  • Log in again with your username and password.
  • Once you hit enter you will view the original windows settings of your account.

In case the above steps didn’t solve your problem and still the temp profile is loaded then there might be a chance that our user profile must have got badly corrupted and the operating system is facing some real troubles in reading it.

Don’t get disappointed, as there is a way to repair our corrupted files too.

Just follow the below mentioned steps to fix the issue-

  • Open My computer> C: drive and right click on properties.
  • In the Properties windows, select Tools> Error Checking>Check Now


  • This process will start repairing the corrupted files. Click on “Start”.


  • Once the scan is done, restart your system to check whether the issue is fixed or not.

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Hopefully these tips helped you out in How to fix the Temporary Profile issue in Windows 7, but If your luck is too hard and even if this process didn’t work out well for you then the last way out is to create a new user profile with admin rights and transfer all your data from the old profile.

If you are facing some troubles in carrying out this process, then give us a call on our TOLL free number to seek instant tech assistance!



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