How to Fix Frequently Disconnecting Wi-Fi

By Surbhi Totuka October 4, 2016 How To

Are you facing an issue when you connect your system via Wi-Fi and it gets disconnected on its own? This is a very common problem faced by most users. It is rather frustrating when you are in the middle of some urgent work and the wireless network simply wouldn’t stabilize.

So here’s a quick guide to setup a wireless connection on your System and/or device.

  • Click on the Network icon as given in the Notification area.
  • Choose the network to which you want to connect your PC and then click on the “Connect” option.
  • Enter the password or security key.
  • You PC will be connected to the wireless network.

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Following are the common reasons for the System getting disconnected from Wi-Fi after you have set it up: –

  • Uncertain Wireless Signals – The most obvious reason for a connection failure is network problem or low signal strength. As we all know, Wi-Fi has a limited range and if you are sitting too far from the source, it is difficult to get proper signal to maintain a connection. Another reason for low signal is that there are too many devices connected with a single network which eats into the bandwidth. So to get strong signals, don’t connect too many devices all at once.


  • Improper Wi-Fi Installation – Many a times, you connect your system to a wireless network, and it denies Internet Access in spite of being connected seconds ago. This could happen if your System is partially connected to the network. To properly establish the wireless network, you must follow all the steps correctly. Sometimes, it may get disconnected because your System is auto-connected to the Wi-Fi but asks for the Network password later.


  • Busy lines – When you try to connect your System (or device) to Wi-Fi in busy surroundings like in a university campus, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., then it gets connected instantly but the connection keeps breaking on and off. The reason behind this is that the network gets too loaded and is unable to connect all the systems and devices simultaneously.


  • Inaccurate Wireless Hardware – Sometimes it may happen that many of the wireless networks are inaccurate or false. When you don’t insert the wireless cards properly into the device, then also you will face this problem and your Wi-Fi will be erratic. To cope up with this issue, you must check the hardware or try some different hardware to get strong wireless connections.


These are the most common problems users face with their Wi-Fi connections. If there is any other technical issue, then your solution is just a call away. We are always happy to help!



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