How To Extract pages From PDF

By Surbhi Totuka October 6, 2016 How To

Managing and editing a PDF document is not as mainstream as Word. A lot of you probably find it difficult to grasp even the most basic functions of PDF files such as editing the text, changing the page order, deleting or extracting a page top, or simply creating a new PDF file.

Well, here’s a comprehensive guide for you to get the basics of PDF files right.

  1. First things first. Install the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your system to move, extract or to create a new PDF file.
  2. Now, open any PDF file whose pages you want to extract.
  3. Now proceed further and click on the Pages tab as given on the left hand side bar in the Acrobat document window and it will show you thumbnails of the pages in the document.
  4. Now you can extract the document by simply dragging the thumbnail image of the pages as per your sequence. When you will drag the image upward or downward, a blue bar appears on the thumbnail which indicates the new position of the image.
  5. Now in the Document menu, there will be a page icon given on the top grid. Just click on it and choose the Extract page option. Apart from that you can also right-click on any of the selected page and the Extract Pages dialog box will appear right in front of you.
  6. You can set the page range if it is incorrect. Just enter the correct page range of the number of pages you want to extract.
  7. In the Extract page Dialog Box there are two options given such as ‘Delete pages After Extracting’ and ‘Extract pages as Separate Files’.If you want to delete the extracted pages from the original document after extraction, then simply click on ‘Delete Pages After Extraction’ check box.
    To create a new PDF file of all the extracted pages, then select the ‘Extract Pages as Separate Files’ option.
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  8. After making all the changes, click on the OK button and your new PDF File will be prepared.
  9. Now you can save your PDF document by clicking on Save button or click on Save As option to save the file in PDF, PNG, JPEG, Word Document or in any other format and then close the document.If you are facing any such tech-related issues – big or small – with your Mac or PC, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.



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