How to Delete Duplicate Files on Android Smartphone

By Surbhi Totuka October 5, 2016 How To

Our devices tend to be cluttered with too many files these days. Duplicate or identical files invariably form a large part of this clutter. Before you know it, these unwanted files hog your storage space and force your android phone to flash low storage alerts. .

Trust us when we say that decluttering your device of duplicates is not as easy as it may appear. It’s like looking for a needle(s) in a haystack! How many folders will you search? How many songs will you delete? How many photos will you get rid of manually?

Did you know, on an average about 10-15% of your android phone’s storage is basically taken up by duplicate photos? Yes, you heard that right!

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Deleting files manually is just not a good idea. Here are some of the most common problems you might face when you attempt to do it manually:

Same File Size, Different File Name:

Every time you download or receive a file, it will be saved in your device with a different name although the size will probably be the same. So how do you search for duplicates with different file names? It’s quite a task, if not completely impossible.

Multiple Locations :

It is quite obvious that duplicate files will be stored in different locations. The most common file type that gets stored repetitively are images. How many times do you receive the same forwarded image on your WhatsApp? So that’s one easy location. The WhatsApp folder in your gallery. But what about the numerous other folders you don’t know about? There are too many nooks and crannies for you to know and delete duplicate files from.

File repetitions :

You would have to agree that song repetitions are irritating unless you are deliberately playing them on loop. However, you are bound to have identical songs on your playlist. Local Mp3s, downloads, received files, all in one place. Removing the duplicates one by one is headache-inducing to say the least.

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However an easy solution to find and delete duplicate files in android is to use  all-in-one duplicate files removing software.

One such software is Duplicate Files Fixer. It’s a power-packed tool which helps you remove duplicate music files, duplicate photos and any other duplicity on android. It creates backups before deletion (just in case), and even asks for your permission before deletion. It comes with advanced file scanning options as well.



Well, now that you have a solution to get rid of duplicates in a matter of minutes, you can use your storage space better. A word of advice though: An organized phone performs and functions better. So it’s better to be a little careful about what you download and store, rather than cluttering it mindlessly. Prevention is better than cure, they say!



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